By alphafoxy21 - 05/05/2011 06:54 - United States

Today, after spending 8 months and $11,000 on school, I was denied a job in my chosen career field. They told me they decided to go with someone with more experience. So who got the job? One of my classmates. This is her first job. EVER. FML
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That's because she was willing to do some under the table business.

maybe she knows more than you... or fyl


maybe she knows more than you... or fyl

Ye she knows more than OP... about getting down

Or she had better grades than you, a better interview, better personality, better connections, etc.

Whenever you think life can't get any worse, imagine this: You are a choices twin with your brother. He is gay, you're not. But you only have one ass....

Shoulda ****** the boss! Oh wait... She beat you to that... 

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she either lied in her resume and said she has more experience than she does, or the employers told a white lie to soften the blow to u. contact your school's career services office to sharpen your resume and cover letters, and do mock interviews.

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They wanted a different kind of experience...

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shes prolly better looking than you ..

^ agreed. if this is this chicks first job ever she's bound to **** up and make sone mistakes without the use of common sense. This does suck OP but don't worry an opening in your field has got to be somewhere.

Wow, those are a couple of silly comments.

Mitcha857 - so, just because the girl hasn't had a job before, means she's lacking common sense? I think you're the one missing common sense.

first off you have no picture have some common sense and get one before trying to make a point. Secondly, have you ever worked or for that matter, worked with someone who's never held a job before? Most people who've never held a job don't understand work ethics and a sense of urgency to get a job done. From the sounds of it if this is this girls first job ever then she's probably been babied her whole life while mommy and daddy paid for everything so she doesn't understand the value of a dollar and how hard it is to work for it. That clear up my "lack" of common sense or was that too hard for you to follow?

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For one most people I know excel at their first job as they don't want to make a mistake and in this economy to have a job before like a real issuing job is understandable. Plus she probably just studied harder and got better grades than op. So really to say that she was babied is more than likely wrong. If she was babied she probably wouldn't be in college cause her grades were not adequate. So in final note don't judge someone you don't know. If you didnt understand then how bout this, just shut the **** up.

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and that was to you mitcha

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Since you are just starting out, there will be a lot more rejections and disappointments. Get used to it and learn to move on. Just keep looking and I am sure that you will find a job that suits you.

8 months? I've been in college 4 years, and still have 2-3 years left, and I can't get a job. 8 months is nothing to cry about.

I think you're missing the big picture of this post.

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8 months are usually for technical and trade schools. And they do cost about $11,0000. OP probably went to Everest Institute. Most people would say $11,000 and 8 months of your life IS something to cry about.

do you prefer to wait 8 months or the 7 years to get a job in your field?

Your age and years in college do not seem to correlate.

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She could have started when she was 16-17, like I did.

16, obviously you're missing the big picture

Maybe she should more skin at the interview. Course if your a guy showing cleavage is usually a bad interview move.

she could honestly have more experience, internships, or working on the side or something

Sucks, but hey to some people a pair of nuts could be the worse artillery to have... Lord have mercy on us and some this current economy's debatable hiring processes... Smdh!