By Anonymous - 03/01/2011 17:36 - United States

Today, it was my first day back to school after break. I wasn't feeling well, but I decided to go anyway. I threw up in the hallway and shit myself at the same time. I waited in the office for my dad to come and get me for almost an hour while wearing dirty underwear. FML
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-insert shitty situation comment here-

That must have been extremely unpleasant. Eww. FYL, OP.


-insert shitty situation comment here-

fakeaccountX 6

I also threw up. In my mouth. From reading this.

omgwork 0

or sucking my dick?^

talk about a shitty day. n I bet u were happier then a pig in shit. til u got home n shit hit the fan.

captain obvious strikes again!

megamandude455 10

68 wins

well that's a load of shit

was it warm and squishy :)


did u have a hangover

blondeandhot 0

I normally have filthy underwear, just not from pooping myself ;).

From... not washing them?

omgwork 0

only women wash clothes

I think 57's talking about masturbation or urinating

LilSideTwerk 0

uhm why would you tell the world that 52?

That must have been extremely unpleasant. Eww. FYL, OP.

rfngxhhshi 0

Almost as gross as everyone in number three's picture!

Did you pop out a solid one in your underwear?

it could've been Diarrhea.

mereed 0

Or your head stupid

Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha

InnocentLies 0

FYL, Ick. I don't think anyone can deserve this.

jaesm17 5

I see what you did there.

footballGOD58 0

I don't see it.

because if the panties clog the toilet, it would just add to this fml.

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thats fantastic you struck gold

carlablob 0

why did that comment make me lol

Commando? D: Don't they have replacement clothes?

iR0ckSkinnys 3

Wow that really sucks times 100.That's dramatizing on your first day.I wonder what was everyones reaction in the hallway who witnessed it,but don't worry every one pukes and craps;it's only human.

traumatizing as well :)

you wrote that already