By Anonymous - 13/5/2020 17:00

Bird's eye view

Today, I found out that my shower area is in direct view from my neighbours' balcony. I realised this when I caught my neighbour and his wife watching me while I was getting dressed. I've been living here for 7 years. FML
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  Jaymail  |  17

I think if she didn’t have some sort of a curtain it would be really hard to keep the floor dry while taking a shower. I’m pretty handy around the house. And I really appreciate it being as bright as possible while I’m in the Bathroom. My back yard backs up to the beginning of a walking trail. So I have a nice shower curtain. And where the shower wall used to be is clear glass. The nice thing of being 66 years old instead of 20 is that nobody looks anymore while I’m taking a shower.

By  TheSminty1  |  17

I've never even seen a shower visible to someone standing right outside the bathroom, most aren't even visible from inside the bathroom. How do you manage to get one visible clear across your property *and* not notice for 7 years?

  skippydoda  |  32

I had an apartment with a window in our bathroom and you could see in from the school across the hall. I found this out in the first week I lived there though, got a shower curtain in the bathroom.

  TinScarecrow  |  15

ventilation and, to a lesser extent, light. A better question is why were there no curtains/blinds on the windows. If you can see out your neighbors can see in. I have no idea why this concept escapes so many people