By Daria_Weiner - 18/07/2011 18:23 - Russian Federation

Today, at my anniversary party and in front of all our friends, I accidentally called my husband-to-be by my ex-boyfriend's name. FML
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need a moment? grab a Twix.

Fuck did I say live? *Awaits thumbs downs* *Cries in corner*


You must really live him!

need a moment? grab a Twix.

Ooooh, I hope your hubby understands and good luck with the rest of your marriage!:)

#9 lol @ "the rest of your marriage"

Fuck did I say live? *Awaits thumbs downs* *Cries in corner*

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if you would say names in a demonic'd remember.

1- I thought you were trying to be funny saying live instead of love like OP said (insert ex's name) instead of (insert fiancé's name).

better there than when you say your vows at your wedding.

better there than in the bed...

1. iPhone autocorrect fail.

Why do many of the fmls lately remind me of Friends??

44- Yeah good idea. Let's go with both.

It's live, not love. What the hell are you talking about? /troll

You know hell's not very fast, right?

The fire in it burns you pretty quickly though.

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Reminds me of the jumping higher than a mountain joke... mountains can't jump

You all have to see he'll to believe it. It's very fast.

Ah poodles damn auto correct. It comes up at the worst times. I mean HELL!

@54 how do you know mountains cant jump? maybe they just dont want to.

Your main pic looks like you're running from hell

OP is already in hell, er Russia.... calling him by an ex's name will get uncle Vladimir's attention with his draginov.

I'm sure your husband to be would understand it was an honest mistake.

it was an honest mistake but if I were the husband-to-be I would be pissed and suspect something, wouldn't u?

would your suspicion be about your own gender identity? no, i wouldnt be suspicious, i would be cautious and observant. theres a difference.

84- no I'd suspect something is going on with the ex and op duh

...please tell me you didnt think i was serious...

i hope he leaves you... haha no jk or am i? bum bum bummm

well we are all just dying to know, oh please tell us...

you are an idiot. :D

I hope so to...

That's not a good sign...

your ex must've been hitting it hard, you still saying his name aloud.

Be understanding when he says the wrong name on your wedding night.

You're gonna have a hard time proving you're not cheating lolz.

Maybe she really dies him....

WTF? I hope she doesn't die him. That sounds really painful....

Why would she dye him a different Color?

I think this comment was meant as a reply to the first one.

*I think she maybe really does love him @#1

I see what you did there ;)