WTF dude?

By meowtickmeow - 12/03/2010 01:18 - United States

Today, I had a strong feeling that someone was watching me as I was undressing to get ready for bed. I conspicuously moved to the door and threw it open to find my step-brother clearly spying on me. We are the same age, live in the same house three weeks a month and in the same English class. FML
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YDI for moving "conspicuously." Pay more attention in that English class.


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...AND your in the same English class?!?!

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More like wincest! That's how porno's are started!

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#6: Yes, pay attention. This is obviously relevant. It's bad enough they're related by marriage and share a house most of the year, but having a class together? That's the straw that broke the camel's back. Transfer out of the class, OP. it's obviously gonna be awkward seeing him there.

That's called Time to tell Mamma and Pappa! oy! ew.

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incest is best put your sis to the test

how old is he ? if he was like 14- ok, but 16 or around there? creep!! (get locks on your doors)

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Um, no. It doesn't matter if he's 14 or 17 (or 10 for that matter). Watching another person get undressed is creepy and totally inappropriate.

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Today, I was walking in through my house and I thought no one was home. I went to my step-sisters room to check if my guitar was one her bed. As I was about to knock on the dorr she opened it and thought I was peaking at her changing. She is the same age as me and she is in my english class. FML

Today I watched my sister in law undress, and I couldn't do anything with her smoking hot irresistible body. FML.

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it wouldnt be incest since theyre not blood related. step sisters= no risk of genetic mutation lol

Yeah the OP should switch out of the English class for sure! I mean living in the same house is one thing, but seeing each other in English would just be too akward!

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ok, so they had an awkward moment and you're suggesting OP moves out of the class? are you kidding? overreacting fail IMO.

it's not incest.. it says STEP brother mo blood relation at all

in the brothers defense, he is a guy. it is perfectly natural for him to be physically attracted to her as she is not blood related. although his actions where inapropriate, he is not a creep he is human.

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paigeatsflesh is gonna watch randomkris undress...

it's not incest, she said step-brother. not half brother. either way it's creepy

#69 ftw for the comment and the number you got fyl op

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Lemme making him a sandwich?

Not sure this makes a difference, but it didn't say that the OP was female...

lol I think that just makes this creepier

it's not incest since they are not really related.

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137 stfu I watched you undress yesterday

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yeah, I remember reading this exact one a month or 2 ago

well, if it's a recent marraige and you're both older, whatever. if it's been years and years, that's pretty bad.

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I feel a Porno coming on lol

My Porno senses are tingling. QUICK! To the ****-mobile!

YDI for moving "conspicuously." Pay more attention in that English class.

At least someone else noticed that as well.

At least someone else noticed that as well.

yeah, 'inconspicuosly' what you were looking for, op.

Thank you! I scrolled through this whole thread trying to find the people who know how to speak properly. Apparently she's a little distracted in English class...

Well Snicks, technically there's no blood relation, so in all honesty, it could be a somewhat acceptable relationship. I do, however, agree that OP should not have to deal with her step-brother's perversion.

That's when you threaten to pluck his eyes out and feed them to the dog/cat/gerbil/snake the next time you catch him spying on you. I would feel so dirty if this happened to me.

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