By DntH8 - United States
Today, my little nieces and nephews were about to have a water balloon fight. I was told to take pictures. They hit me. And my $600 camera. FML
DntH8 tells us more :
I'm a poor college student so spending several thousand dollars on camera is way out of my budget. Trust me. It wasn't my idea to use my SLR. And if I had had it my way I'd have told my family members to shove it and put their own camera in the line of fire.
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  st0815  |  9

She should have used her own brain: little kids + water + expensive camera. It's not so difficult to figure out that that's a dangerous combination.

  reneetlovesyou  |  30

You sound so fucking stupid, 67.
"Hmm.. Should I buy a nice camera that will help capture the memories of me and my family or go with shoes that will ultimately become nothing but a memory?"
Tough choice.

By  redbluegreen  |  40

Uh... I believe there's ways to fix that? Didn't someone give suggestions on what to do with wet electronics in the FML where the kid burried his dad's "dead" palm pilot?

But I wouldn't have taken my $600 camera to a water balloon fight.

By  patray_angel  |  0

That sucks.

If you were hit on purpose, then you are definitely owed a new camera. Due to the nature of what they were doing, I would imagine it is safe to assume that your nieces and nephews are not old enough to be working. In which case, their parents need to pitch in a buy you a new camera.

If it was on accident, then, well, you are SOL. If it is that good of a camera, you should have been able to shoot from a safe distance and just zoom in. As in, you shouldn't have put yourself too close to the water balloons in the first place.

By  firakkai  |  0

it's ok! if you don't touch your camera for a few weeks, it'll dry out and work fine.

i was taking pictures next to a lake once, and somebody accidentally pushed me in. i thought my camera was fried, but it ended up working. just let it dry COMPLETELY.