By Anonymous - 18/08/2019 22:00

Today, I needed to call my mom to get some info so I dialled the number on my work phone. Not 2 seconds after, my cellphone rang. I got super pissed off because I hate when people call me on my cell at work. It was me. I'd dialled my own number. FML
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If you hate it so much, why do you keep it switched on?

you slow? maybe get your IQ tested if you're that quick to get pissef

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I hoped this one would be published! I laughed out loud when I came across it in the moderation part

If you hate when people call you on your cell at work, why is your cell phone on while you're at work?

If this is the biggest FML in your life, I’m jealous.

Well maybe next time, you will turn off your phone.