By Anonymous - Canada
Today, I invited my boss and his family over for dinner. As usual, I bought his kids Christmas' presents, nothing too fancy though. This year, he had one more that wasn't here last year. So I just pulled something from under the tree to hand him. He opened it on the spot. It was my son's PS3. FML
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  Reyo  |  2

I would've had no problem taking it back from him. I'd tell my boss "Your kid needs to learn manners. You don't just 'rip the present open on the spot'" and then give it to my kid saying "Besides, this is MY kid's present. Let me look for the one I got your little Tommy..." What would he fire you for? Not getting his kid a PS3?

  Reyo  |  2

Because, he was handing it to the kid to hand it over to someone else. My family does it all the time. I get a present from under the tree, read the tag, and hand it off to my father to give it to whoever's name is on the tag. Or at least that's the excuse the OP can give his boss. Besides, you don't just stab at it liek a pack of hungry Wildabeasts. You read the "To/From" tag and THEN unwrap it like a wild animal. That way, you don't accidentally unwrap the wrong present. I didn't realize so many wild animals had accounts on

  MiaKong  |  0

Dude what are you even talking about? He gave the present to the kid. He didn't give it to him to pass to somebody else, the OP is the one who screwed up, not the kid. Oh and this one I say is both an FYL and a YDI.

  MagicMeds  |  0

It's not rude to open it on the spot, but some 400 dollars or so present, I'd just take it back. Understandable mistake even, grab the wrong ambiguous colorful lump.

  EffYoLife  |  14

it would be rude NOT to rip open a gift on the spot! it would look like he was unappreciative. wow youre even dumber than the OP.

OP why would you invite your boss over for Christmas? Doesnt he have his own family to spend Christmas with! furthermore, dont you know what gifts you have? why would you hand a kid a wrapped gift without knowing what was in there. you should have ripped it a little to see what it was. DUMMY!

  foreverr  |  0

agreed with 50;
just be like oh shoot wrong one, gosh thats embarrasing, now where did i put ____'s present
not that hard

and grabbing something from the tree? really?

  harmony88  |  0

If you have a PS3 sitting under the tree, you know how it's wrapped cause you definitely wouldn't want it to be the first present your son unwraps on Christmas morning. The rest of the presents would be boring. OP just sucks at having a memory.

In the future, you could have a few gifts set aside for situations like this... an *unwrapped* toy or book for a child, and tins of cookies for adults who drop by unexpectedly. If you're gonna brown-nose, do it right....

By  Postlude  |  1

So.. you fucked up either way. I hope you said "I fucked up, wrong gift, yours is in the closet." and went to get him something else? Awkward but less awkward than giving away your son's PS3, dumbass.

By  ilg4evr  |  0

To be honest, the only FML is if you're dumb enough to have actually let the kid keep it. I mean just say "WOW...wrong gift" and everyone could laugh it off. I mean talk about what your boss would think if you gave them a ps3...what a schmoozer lol.

By  PhillyFox  |  0

I sure hope you didn't let the kid keep it. Jeeze wouldn't you kind of figure that it was your son's ps3 judging by the size and weight?

And it's kind of tacky to start giving presents that you bought for your son to your boss's kid.