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Today, at work, I was called into the office by my supervisor, on whom I have a massive crush. He called me in to get my password to make some adjustments on my work account and asked me what my password was. I had to hold eye contact with him and tell him my password is his full name. FML
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  st0815  |  9

What's the point of coming up with an excuse? OP - you have a crush on the guy, now he knows. The worst thing which could happen is that he's not interested - then you can move on. Still beats having a crush and not doing anything about it.

  xAznNinjaGuy  |  0

My password is always the name of one of my favorite bands. If anyone would need it, it wouldn't sound like I have a crush on them because there are more than one person in a band. I'm basically giving them mixed messages, thus, confusing them so they wont give another thought about it, so I have a easy-to-remember password, AND people think I like the band in a non-sexual way. #36 - I see yellow teeth in that picture.

  xAznNinjaGuy  |  0

91 - It was just advice to anybody with some really easy to guess password. AND I didn't creep. It's 'cause 59 said "nice picture" so I was like "Oh okay, I'm gonna check this out." right when I saw it, I saw yellow teeth. Stop trolling. Ignorant bitch.

By  make_damn_sure  |  0

Didn't anyone ever tell you to never give out your password? You should've typed it without him seeing it - stop him accessing your account whenever he wants (which he can as he knows your password), and save you the embarrassment!

  Sonfang  |  19

eh I agree, it sounds to repetitive..hmmm... eh but whatever, it doesn't matter lol!

Op get over it you're both adults, so you have a crush on your boss. You think you're the first woman in history to have this happen? NO! Just say that when you started it was easy to remember and then change the password a little (like if there's an o change it to a 0, same password) and next time you type it...easy peasy! Meh what do I know huh? Lol

  DocBastard  |  38

FFML and pendatik- I added another comment immediately after which said "thanks for the sarcasm" but it didn't make it up. This happens to at least half my comments. This is my second time trying with THIS comment. Ugh.

select all, copy, lather, rinse, repeat.