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Today, the girl I've been dating for several months, and fallen in love with, said "We're just friends, right? My mom thinks I'm leading you on." FML
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"My mom thinks." She knows what she's doing. Blow her off without so much as goodbye. Manipulative...

communication at it's finest.


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awww that must realllyy hurrtt :( I'm sorry O

I know way too many girls like that. (Not saying it's just girls) but we enjoy the attention, some a little too much.

damn... that's terrible. how did it take you so long to realise though? when it happened to my friend it only took about a week for him to realise

What a tease! fyl

that's horrible im so sorry op :[ its always the nice guys who get screwed over :/

Well OP, I'm sorry but this is one of those where after a few months of realizing you haven't even kissed her that maybe it's not what you think.

backhand her and inform her that her sandwich making duties are awaiting in the kitchen

34 I would let you make me a sandwich any day ;)

ImThePope 2

Well dang... time to get her pregnant and say sure! Whatever you think!

what a bitch!

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36-some girls these days kiss their "friends", he may have thought they were going slow and the kisses they shared were special if they did kiss, giving things extra meaning and reading into them like we tend to, especially when we are young

74 I highly doubt he was imagining all those things. She clearly used him and probably got him to buy her things and take her places. Lots of girls are like this, they'll flirt with guys they don't like because they love to feel that someone finds them attractive.

sucks man. not to be offensive but you obviously don't know a lot about relationships. you were probably freinds with benifets or just misunderstood. oh well ita a learning experience

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nice shirt 34

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111- I didn't mean to give the impression that she wasn't taking advantage of that, but that that may be a possible scenario or perhaps even her excuse

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Dang. That would've killed me if that happened. FYL.

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For whatever reason that this thing failed miserably, all you can do is learn from it and cut her out. Even if you were completely off base, it took months for her to say this. Do it because she needs to learn not to trifle. More importantly, do it because you're a man not to be trifled with

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My friend did this not to long ago. She was "dating" my boyfriends best friend so we would always go on double dates, and they would hold hands, kiss, lovey dovey, then bam. Nothing. Broke his heart. :

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Wow :( how do you know you've been "dating her" ?

she was screwing him over from the beginning...damn FYL op

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really if he thinks they were dating that whole time what does she think they were doing the whole time?

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maybe **** buddies? Or just majorly leading op on :/

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It sounds like there was no screwing going on.

same I think OP is an idiot. he probably thinks that since the girl talks to him and spends dome time with him it's called dating. they probably have never even kissed.

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yeah because one time I texted a guy for like 4 months. he mentioned nothing of a relationship or interest in me, but got mad that I hooked up with a guy I really like. because he thought we were an item or something

72- Just be quiet. Get your shit straight before you comment.

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120. don't do that. I think I am goin through that. the girl I am friends with and in love with came to me last week an asked me if I knew she was now single. I did not and she was going on a date that night. it just hurt me that first, she didn't give me a chance. The way he treats me is different than any other guy, so I thought there could be something between us. don't flirt if your not interested. Guys follow that rule, girls should to. Also ne'er forget the golden guy friend rule; if they are friends with you, they probably would or want to date you.

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exactly sounds like a **** to me

131 No guys really don't follow that rule I've ha that happen to me like 5 times so shut up

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that's rude

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Wait, would or wouldn't? No girl I've been good friends with for more than a month or so has ever wanted to 'date' me. Semper Fraternus: once 'just a friend', always 'just a friend'. There are always exceptions, but the rule stands.

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131 you should've grown some balls and asked her out. The guy I got really close to last week and have been texting since has asked me out twice. If you didn't have the balls to ask, you deserve what you get

communication at it's finest.

lol they probably just hung out once in a while with other ppl around and op called that dating

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sorry OP I know exactly how you feel. FYL indeed.

"My mom thinks." She knows what she's doing. Blow her off without so much as goodbye. Manipulative...

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don't all moms?

I think I know this girl. Or I would if she wasn't in Norway... These girls are all cows. Sorry to any bovines.

bitch did you just type 'awks'? I'm totes gonna smash you for that

What a bitch, seriously you don't need her if she's gonna be like that.

Yeah, her moms right... She has been leading him on... Sorry OP, your girlfriend was a lie.

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So was the cake...

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my aunts bf dated kat von d. she gave me a free tatoo of a chandlere on my back. its rad:)

I think it's her cowardly way of breaking up with you. Surely within those few months of dating, you guys would have kissed or held hands and that would have clearly signaled something more than a friendship.

Not true in the slightest, my friend. Two people can hook up, but have nothing more than a friendship, maybe not even that.

Oh yes, please dislike my comments because I'm telling the truth. The world isn't perfect. -.-

true two people can hook up with no sort of relationship. but since op said they've been "dating" I'd assume they have also gone on dates. usually if you're just hooking up with someone for the hookup you don't see each other much otherwise. at the very least she's stupid for not realizing op's intentions. more likely she was using him and then months later started feeling bad about it.

Trupe 3

I've gone on dates with girls I'm not dating....people just assume too much. I mean you can't consider someone your girlfriend until they say it. So obviously she didn't say they were dating....

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going on dates w/ppl=dating...not necesarily going out with the person as a boyfriend or girlfriend though.

Trupe 3

84 - yeah true. Used the wrong words there.

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I've held hands with people I'm not in a relationship with. There are also tons of people who actually do kiss when they aren't dating... (I'm not just referring to the ***** of this world.) So that's not all true, maybe this girl was just a b***h. Sorry, OP.

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She's just testing you :p

Badshah29 6

tell her that yah, you're just friends, because you like someone esle. Then wait a couple of days and she'll pour her heart out to you. happened with me too bro ;)

That cud actually be true...some girls are like that, then again, some girls like to play guys.

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you should message me badshah29(;

Badshah29 6

@OP y else wud she discuss u wid her mom ;)

I hate coy girls.

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You profile pic is killer!

seems her mom was right...but the fact that she a) didn't even notice or b) simply didn't care until her mother told her to clarify things shows, that she isn't mature or empathetic enough to be in a relationship and that you deserve better

"That you deserve better." We don't know the whole story here. Do you know the OP? Okay, then we don't know the kind of person he is. From the given info; the OP seems like a gullable person.

for all we know they were just good friends and he just assumed too much.. I mean I've gone to movies and dinner with guy friends.. they've known it meant nothing more than friends.. she may have just not clarified it and assumed he knew..

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Geez, why are determined in bringing the OP down? Some people are douche bags who thrive on getting attention.

Why do girls seem to think that a guy who goes out to dinner and a movie with a girl isn't wanting to date her? It happens from time to time, but usually if we're wanting to hang out without a group of friends, we don't want to be "just friends".