By meow - 14/01/2010 04:27 - United States

Today, my boyfriend informed me that sharing a bed with me was like sleeping with a seizing cat. FML
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That's funny! Hurtful but funny. I am the same way. I'm a thrasher. Maybe you should consider a sleep number bed?

Well me and the rest of the football team did try to warn him...


Who F*cking cares moron!

littlemisshottie_fml 0

ha. learn to actually write things that people actually care about.

lizliz07 0


Nope you guys weren't first. OP was first you got here a little late.

lmao well ydi for snoring weird and #2 you fail

^ Agreed. Get that shit fixed. =|

lizliz07 0

haha so close!

Take the hint. Stop getting buckwild in the bed.

And yet so far...

You put up a good fight! :D

Maybe he was getting freaky with that cat while you were asleep.

nobody likes a vibrateing pussy xD