By LadyGagasLOVER - 08/08/2010 08:49 - United States

Today, I found out that my best friend is moving to Arkansas, and my girlfriend is going with him. FML
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Just kidnap your girlfriend and take her to Vegas for real fun.

brichewyy 0

haha I live in Arkansas :-| .


tinylilpenis 0

So ******* what go get a new bitch stop complaining

haha you're G/F left you for a guy going to Arkansas. yep YOU'RE g/f...

LMFAOwned 9

Dude, why did you put this on FML? What I do with your girl is MY business...

volleyball_babe 0

aha awhhh woww that sucks! ):

my because your girlfriend and best friend were together and now are moving to Arkansas

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YDI for finding out that your best friend is moving to Arkansas, and your girlfriend is going with him. HAHA BEAT YOU SCROL OR WHAT EVER YOUR NAME IS

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PimpdaddyCJT 13

36, you have pretty eyes and face

live it up AK residents. it'll be another 10 years til anyone remembers you exist again

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so was she cheating on you?

YDI because your best friend is moving to Arkansas, and your girlfriend is going with him.

dude WTF maybe it's becuz u love LADY GAGA??? ever think about that?

Beginnings 0

Wow... erm... OP, you fail. Maybe it was your addiction to Lady Gaga?

florence2011 0

so do I! lol tell them to come visit lol.

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ydi just becaue your name is lady gagas lover. and let them go to arkansas. nothing in that shithole state anyways.


so good riddance, now go out with that bad bith around the corner

*bitch, and texas has an array of hot girls from asian to jamican, dominicon to mexican, white to halle berry black, cmon

Ydi for being lady gaga's lover. *facepalm*

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ooo I'm from Texas and my sister is about to move off to Arkansas. with a guy...

averagepurson 2

it could be worse, at least you aren't going to Arkansas. you should have seen this coming when you started going out with your best friends sister and everyone in the family has 11 toes.

twinny_sc 13

ydi for having a gf going the same place as ur friend, no offense to girls that go the same place as their bf's friends

collegegirl87 0

# 45 no one said they lived in Alaska..

not too bad. if my girlfriend does that I wouldn't care cuz if they do that that means she wasn't going to be a good girlfriend anyways!

korn247 5

WoW!! that sucks, OP! fyl!!

definitely ydi for being lady gagas lover, I'll bet it was his best friends sister n this fml isn't really as bad as like cheating ***** moves away. could be worse OP. she coulda been the cheating ***** n sent u a Porno of them lol. kinda like jarhead.

_Vamp_ 9

At 85: HAHA!!! I bet they keep their inbred cyclops son in the basement with a clown lighter.

Brittney_E 0

indeed FYL! how could he deserved this?

maybe they are brother/sister and they wanna get married

Melaniee_fml 0

op didn't explain that his best friend and girlfriend are brother and sister.

**** you there is nothing wrong with Arkansas.

Arkansas has the only diamond mine in the world that you can go in and dig for diamonds to actually keep for yourself. they have found some pretty big diamonds there too. so Arkansas is actually a really important place. people come all the way from Asia and Europe to go to the Arkansas diamond mine. so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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#45 AK is Alasks AR is Arkansas

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ydi. mind ur own business stalker.

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FYI, AK is Alaska. AR is Arkansas. Yes, you just got corrected by an Arkansan. FYL.

I just realized that if you remove the Ar from arkansas you spell kansas.

apefaceddog 0

... Haha, you're kidding right? Kick your best friend's ass over a girl? Look, if you're older than 7 years old, you know that close friends are hard to come by, and girls don't really stick around either the way a best buddy does. So maybe instead of dealing out an ass-kicking, he could... I dunno, talk to the guy? Or just forget about it. It's not even a big deal. This is like, not even as serious as cheating.

Lisetteeex3 3

Just kidnap your girlfriend and take her to Vegas for real fun.

how about going to vegas and have fun without that bitch?

I live in vegas :) its not as fun as everyone thinks.. maybe I'm just bored of it haha.

I think Vegas is awesome but that's probably because I live in a shitty city

No, i agree. I lived in Henderson (just outside of vegas) for a couple years and its not that fun. Its hot as hell and all that great stuff. I recently moved back to Washington state and all my friends who have gone try and tell me how much more they know about the city than i do and how it really is fun. Haha

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Ydi for dating your best friend's cousin.

That sucks man. Kind of sounds like what happened to me. Sorry to hear it.

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Are they brother and sister or....?

Barrientos432 5

Hmm 17 brings up a good point :O

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Bill Mother Effing Clinton, that's what's in Arkansas!

Barrientos432 5

Oh!!!!! Psh he's a badass^^

well according to OP's username apparently ladygaga is now in arkansas with OP's best friend.

Bk2012 3

Well you can dig for diamonds near Jonesboro in Arkansas . That's probly a his friends idea is to dig her up a diamond and put it on a ring

There aren't any rednecks in arkansas except for in the southern parts.

wiredream 0

sucks... are they family? :I

*your *his *they're Learn proper grammar, please.

haha can't you see eye'm doin it on purpose you raTARD. yea I wasn't cereal about your hair.

Does this mean she's cheating? I'd assume so, or else I can't tell why this is an FML. If she's related to him in any way, then you're just stupid.

Why is the OP stupid if they're related? If they're related then his best friend and girlfriend are still moving a fair way away from him. The FML might not be because his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend but simply that he's losing both of them. It is entirely possible (especially with the way the FML is written) that there was some deception going on. But we don't know that for sure.

TheDrifter 23

If they're moving to Arkansas it might be both...

Ah, true. I didn't think about that. Well in that case, FYL OP.