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  BigJoeZD  |  16

A smart man would make the connection between the Unholy Pine Trees, Sinner Fruits and an unknown Third Party and conjure up a theory about how the Illuminati are using Pineapples to bring about the spawn of the Antichrist or some unholy being.

I am not a smart man.

  darknut79  |  17

A berry is a fleshy fruit with one or more seeds on the inside. So this includes bananas, watermelons, blueberries, peaches... But NOT strawberries or raspberries lol

  lemonadestand  |  7

Thank you fireballftw1123, people don't seem to believe it when I tell them. A pineapple isn't a berry but it is made up of berries. That's why there are little round things on the outside of it.