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Today, my brother and I had a long argument. He believes wholeheartedly that pineapples are not actually fruits, but berries. When I showed him a google search, he accused me of "faking" it. FML
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Just googled it, and pineapples are in fact, a fusion of berries. YDI OP.

A pineapple is not a fruit, but a mass of berries attached to a stalk. So while it is not a single berry, he is technically right.


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Do pineberries grow on pine trees? because that would be awesome.

Pineapples are actually an unholy hybrid of pine trees and sinner fruit. That's truth right there.

A smart man would make the connection between the Unholy Pine Trees, Sinner Fruits and an unknown Third Party and conjure up a theory about how the Illuminati are using Pineapples to bring about the spawn of the Antichrist or some unholy being. I am not a smart man.

Does he also think that tomatoes are vegetables?

Doesn't everyone? Ya know. Other than people that know their fruit.

Tomatoes are fruits that are vegetables. Fruit is a biological category and vegetable is a culinary category. The two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.

Hmm. Isn't it a berry if it grows out of the ground though? I'm just thinking from the top of my head so I'm probably wrong.

Aha, nevermind. I hope this. Comment stops the raging post-nado. (Sharknado pun. I know. I'm horrible.)

A berry is a fleshy fruit with one or more seeds on the inside. So this includes bananas, watermelons, blueberries, peaches... But NOT strawberries or raspberries lol

a pineapple is a tropical plant with edible multiple fruit consisting of coalesced berries,

To number 26 isnt a berry still a fruit making the little brother's arguement irrelevant?

pineapples are actually q bunch of berries connected to a host stalk. Google "are pineapples berries"

Thank you fireballftw1123, people don't seem to believe it when I tell them. A pineapple isn't a berry but it is made up of berries. That's why there are little round things on the outside of it.

Sorry that your related to that brainwashed moron.

I'm pretty sure the brainwashers have better things to brainwash about.

#35 you never know, the brainwashers could get bored and do something like this.

He's not brainwashed. He's half right. Pineapples are made up of berries but aren't berries.

As if it's possible to fake a google search.

This is why brothers are sometimes useless...

Pine-Apples; hence-obviously a berry

Faking it? Did you try to use Wikipedia?