By Octobre - 07/03/2010 01:17 - United States

Today, I was massively hungover and driving home. I had a strong suspicion that I was gonna ralph so I was smart and pulled over. I emptied the contents of my stomach into a shopping bag and was proud I didn't make a mess all over the car. Seconds later, the bottom of the bag gave out. FML
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Why did you do it in a bag that was in your car? You pulled over, throw up outside of your car.

why were you even driving while you were heavily hungover in the first place? didn't you take drivers ed??? #1 rule: don't drive when you're drunk/hungover, dummy!!


would you like that double bagged, sir?

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if u pulled over to blow chunks y not do it off to the side in a garden instead of a paperbag yr car, that's askin for trobble

I moderated this one! I passed it, too. =D That totally sucks, OP. Yuck!

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Agree with #60. Why not open the door since you're already pulled over?

Thank you, pendatic. Now the pieces have all fallen into place and this makes perfect sense.

go look up ralph on and you'll understand what he's saying, if you didn't get it by the context around it

you totally deserve it for driving home when you are that hungover. you could have killed someone.

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131 There hungover, not drunk.

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if u stopped ur car why didn't u jus stick ur head out th window? ydi for being stupid

Why did you do it in a bag that was in your car? You pulled over, throw up outside of your car.

@2: i found an awesome parking spot at walmart the other night and didnt realize why it was empty until i stepped out of my car into a pile of vomit. so DON'T tell the OP to just pull over and blow chunks outside his car! it's disgusting!

he totally deserves it for drinking in the first place. it seems to me people love hangovers so they drink specifically for one

I meant to throw up in the bag while it was outside of the car to avoid making a mess in said car. Also what did you expect at Wal-Mart?

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@ninomunoz....Shut up. DON'T tell people not to puke outside their car just because you were a dumbass and didn't look where you were stepping. I'd rather puke on the ground than in a bag inside my car.

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I only go to wal mart if it an emergency. cause target is way better. and safer. and there's not a bunch of mutated people working there. no offense if you work there by the way.

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come on i thought everyone bagged their own vomit to take home? no? hahajk ur an idiot OP.

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lol you're just angry because you're probably 14.

ypur stomach acid prolly ate through it

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I like how people deem the most witless insult on the website a "win."

She makes good points and has really pretty hair! Jesus.

The snickerhaters are reaching now. She didn't even say anything particular insulting or original. Why hate on her and not everyone else who said the same thing?

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Wow get over it. Your sharing a website with someone that shares her opinion. I'm sure that it's the reason comments are allowed.

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I still can't figure out whether "I was going to ralph" is a good thing or a bad thing...

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Sounds like a personal attack against Ralphs. Where's the mods when you need them? Now excuse me while I use the john.

YDI for using the term Ralph when there are much better ones available

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Because she makes me ashamed to be a Ginger.

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35, followed by a stream of exclaimation points

They have no life and want to let their fail out on snickerdoodles, who actually has a habit to bitch, but... She's trying to make a point.

Yes, she's trying to make a point and generally fails at making said point.