By Octobre - / Sunday 7 March 2010 01:17 / United States
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  ninomunoz  |  0

@2: i found an awesome parking spot at walmart the other night and didnt realize why it was empty until i stepped out of my car into a pile of vomit. so DON'T tell the OP to just pull over and blow chunks outside his car! it's disgusting!

  Parabolar  |  1

@ninomunoz....Shut up. DON'T tell people not to puke outside their car just because you were a dumbass and didn't look where you were stepping. I'd rather puke on the ground than in a bag inside my car.

  TapeMan_3000  |  0

I only go to wal mart if it an emergency.
cause target is way better. and safer. and there's not a bunch of mutated people working there. no offense if you work there by the way.

By  IfuckedMYlifebad  |  0

get a life snickerdoodles you chat whore. do you ever get of FML? do you need to read them so your shit life won't seam as shit? so you can make up scenarios to play with you imagionary friends?


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