By Anonymous - Canada
Today, my brother and I drove 3 hours to pick up our puppy. The woman we bought him from said not to put him in the cage for the ride home as he would pee for sure. She recommended I put him on my lap. Not only did he shit on the seat backing out of her driveway, he pissed on me an hour later. FML
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A dog will never pee or poop where it must stay/sleep. Learn about the animal before you decide to get one...

Put a box in the crate that takes up 3/4 the area of the crate, or as needed for your dog size.

  MikeDa1Da  |  14

Wow... I am honored to have THE KaySL comment on my post. I would like to thank my iPhone for making this all possible, my mom, my dad, my brother, my sister, God, Jesus, my dog Coco, my grandparents, my family and friends, and myself.

  Jaxx66  |  21

Or hopefully lives to old age and dies of natural causes. I had a dog get hit by a car. I loved her. Beautiful black lab. My dad opened the door after I left and she chased me across the street, I yelled stay and tried so hard to stop her. The car hit her, drug her and kept going. It was terrible. The sounds still haunt me when I think about it. :( sorry for sad story time.

By  underguarded  |  20

What dog owner would tell you to hold the puppy?
I understand the concept that your comforting your puppy but it's almost a for sure he's going to pee or shit on you. Especially if you have a long drive a head of you.
Merry Christmas anyways!