Social media is dangerous

By Anonymous - 27/11/2015 12:50 - United States - Ontario

Today, I spent half an hour trying to convince my husband not to re-enact a video he saw online of a guy tying some rope to a running chainsaw, then swinging it around his head. He finally agreed not to do something so stupid. A few hours later, he did it anyway. FML
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So how much is the hospital bill?

Should have let Darwin take his course


That sounds really dangerous.Is he alright?

I think I saw that on an episode of "1000 Ways to Die"

Is OP a widow now

That's a keeper right there OP.

Eyalsh 32

yeah, but he's obviously not a "stayer", if you get my drift..

So how much is the hospital bill?

mds9986 24

Funeral bill*

Cause of Death: Decapitation and/or natural selection.

Should have let Darwin take his course

But first take out a large life insurance policy.

They don't cover acts of stupid

RedPillSucks 31

yes they do

It's funny because this sentence makes no sense.

well ya know what they say, in sickness and in health, in wisdom and stupidity. hope hes ok OP

UserError94 18

Anddddddd til death do us part... That's a big line in there I think

I like to say that we do stupid things in hopes of impressing women, but this is just dangerously stupid. How has he lived long enough to be married?

Don't know, but I'd say his wife will probably become a widow one day...

Hahahaha idk why there's down votes I think it's a total MERICA moment

Because stupidity is hardly an American thing. And FML doesn't enjoy stereotyping.

And not to mention the fact that this particular FML is from California. Californians are a whole new breed of stupid. Most Americans will likely be offended at the comparison...

I'm American and I find comments like these hilarious. Some people are too uptight.

#69. I agree with you, we don't get offended at this

Don't try to control men. We'll do whatever you tell us not to do anyway.

The gender distribution of American prisoners supports this. The ratio of male to female people who do whatever they want regardless of what they're told is 14:1. Shit just got real.

Maybe that just means women are better at getting away with it though!

Is he okay? 0___0