By Twix88 - United States - Huntsville
Today, my brother and I took our cars to get oil changes. While we were there, a guy asked if we were dating. When we told him we were siblings, he responded with, "So?" FML
Twix88 tells us more :
This is my FML. This did happen in Alabama. Sadly, I don't think this guy was kidding at all, although, he was obviously tweaking pretty hard so that may have played a role. He didn't work there he was just another customer. The dude actually brought it up twice. After the second time my brother ditched me and went outside to get away from him and left me to sit with the creep. However, shortly after I got the last laugh when he followed my brother outside to pester him again.
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By  Mightyrif  |  23

Ahhh don't you just love Texas!! I'm assuming it is of course...

  gracehi  |  31

You're mixing up your stereotypes, 1. Incest being common is a stereotype of Alabama, not Texas. I'm not saying the stereotype is true in Alabama either.

  buttcramp  |  21

I'm a Texan and just so you know we are responsible for a majority of the nations profits due to our medical centers, oil, etc. we aren't all hillbillies down here. I don't even own a gun, horse, dog, or boots. I do however, have a chef and restaurant manager for a husband, a brilliant toddler, and I work as a diagnostic ECG/ EKG technician. I'd say that's a pretty normal family (oh, and we weren't related prior to marriage)

  arandomusernameaa  |  20

That's a nice story 102.

  Welshite  |  39

Ha! I already gave you my driver's license, and I'm not making that mistake again. Do you know how many private security guards I had to hire when I saw you stalking me? That kind of security ain't cheap, you know.


I thought it was more like his "brain oil." So he's saying he needs his "oil" changed to make his brain run better? That he isn't quite alright in the head? But that doesn't really make sense either.

Or maybe not. Who knows.

By  Posthuman  |  26

He was just wishing you luck on your "family outing."

Maybe he wanted to role play as the father in a freaky 3 way?

He obviously saw you weren't getting any, so he was letting you both know of an alternative?

I got nothing.

  amphetamin3  |  17

Because every time I saw that guy, I'd remember that horrifying moment of someone implying me and my brother should date? I dont know. Don't ask me questions that I don't really have an answer for. You don't know me and my life! :p lol.