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  katieemerr  |  15

Not fair OP. You weren't to know..

I'd learn a different language and find an offensive phrase to call your mother!

  brenton490  |  19

The best way at getting even is learning some of the language, and letting her know by replying back in Chinese. I did that to in my Japanese class since I was only taking the class for an easy grade.

  dragonkisses28  |  25

Hmm, my grandma's loving nickname for me was "gorda." She assumed that since I don't speak Spanish I couldn't understand it either. It means "fat" for all my fellow non Spanish speakers. Fyl OP.

By  ChenEighty  |  20

I'm sure I'd've made any attempt to find out what my mother has been calling me long before it's FML worthy. But either way, most Roman names were basically insults as well. I believe the most common roman name translated to "pea brained"

  kirbo2  |  21

My name is Cameron and it means Crooked Nose