By Anonymous - 23/06/2014 19:52 - United States

Today, I found out that the loving nickname my Chinese mother has been calling me my entire life essentially translates to "little retard". FML
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Mother knows best?

Better than "Big Retard", I suppose.


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Chinese women can be such rude beings :/

Not fair OP. You weren't to know.. I'd learn a different language and find an offensive phrase to call your mother!

Already thread-jacking 9? The comments haven't even reached the second page yet!!

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#8 that's your mother

And that was her child...but that didn't stop her.

Not all children learn the language their parents speak. I never really learned Chinese even though my grandparents and mom speak it.

The best way at getting even is learning some of the language, and letting her know by replying back in Chinese. I did that to in my Japanese class since I was only taking the class for an easy grade.

It's better than "********," which is what my friend's grandfather called her in mandarin until she figured it out.

How is "Japanese class" taken for an easy grade? If you're gonna lie, mKe up a better response.

113, if you already speak the language or at least have a decent grasp of it it can be done. I did the same thing with French.


That's gotta suck OP

Here? On FML? Gee, never would've guessed...

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He got 2nd comment though right

But at what cost?

Us thinking there a retard.

Mother knows best?

I started singing Mother Knows Best from Tangled after I read this.

I started singing "Mother's Little Helper" from the Rolling Stones.

I started singing "I like Chinese"... Nah, not really but I thought if the song after you other 2 singers.. Go on.. Google it...

That's adorable 'huge hint of sarcasm'

ChristianH39 30

Maybe the translations a little harsh and it's just a slightly condescending term of endearment?

Hmm, my grandma's loving nickname for me was "gorda." She assumed that since I don't speak Spanish I couldn't understand it either. It means "fat" for all my fellow non Spanish speakers. Fyl OP.

As someone who's spent half their life in China, not a single word in any of the major Chinese languages translate to retard.

What a cruel world you live in. Call her something in a different language. Even if it's made up.

Yeah that'll show her!

#22 the display picture, oh the display picture

I'm sure I'd've made any attempt to find out what my mother has been calling me long before it's FML worthy. But either way, most Roman names were basically insults as well. I believe the most common roman name translated to "pea brained"

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i'd've? is that really allowed.? i need a grammar Nazi pronto to actually tell me if this is real.

Nein! Double apostrophe VERBOTEN!

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My name is Cameron and it means Crooked Nose

She has a good sense of humour OP you are lucky even though it's an odd nickname

Better than "Big Retard", I suppose.

Doc, this is unrelated, but how is your wife doing?

It's the thought that counts.

I mean..I'm not sure how much thought OP's mom really had to put into that nickname

Awwww, that's Motherly love right there. :)