By Kelly - 26/05/2019 20:30

Today, my mom dropped me off at a friend's house. Upon leaving, my friend's mom said how much I looked like my mother. My mother then replied, "That's funny, she was adopted." This was the first I'd heard of this. FML
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She was just yanking you’re friend’s mom’s chain.


She was just yanking you’re friend’s mom’s chain.

Oh, shit, you’re right! (Or it is “your”😂😂😂jkjk) I was in such a rush to get a “first,” I was sloppy with my grammar. Seeing the flood of responses to this post, I could have taken a few hours to proofread my comment before posting.

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Since it is obviously not true, she must be very disappointed in you

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look up the word 'sarcasm'

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It sucks to find out this way, I'm so sorry. But there are silver linings. You're entrance into this family didn't just happen, you weren't an accident to your parents, you were intentionally sought out and chosen to be part of their lives. That's pretty amazing. Also, when they embarrass you, you can honestly say "I'm adopted."

Ok, now we really need a follow-up. Was she joking, was she serious, are you in therapy...?

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You should fight your mom now