By ewww - 25/03/2011 17:31 - United States

Today, I was at the mall with my friends, when a creepy man sat at the table next to us, and started rubbing his crotch, his gaze never leaving my feet. FML
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Well its better than having him rub his crotch on your feet



Foot fetishes are quite common. And you must have some hot feet.

sorry but can someone explain to me what makes someones feet hot? i just dont get how someone can like feet...... mmm your index toe is longer than your big toe

I don't understand why feet fetishes are so big either. Feet are ugly.

A foot fetish is no different than any other fetish, and it's actually among the most common. It should be noted that not all foot fetishes are alike. Sometimes, the attraction involves high heels, long toes, short toes, big feet, little feet, foot binding, and even forms of BDSM. Each reason and preference is unique to the individual.

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Feet are the root of a woman's sex appeal. lol

if the feet are clean and evenly tanned and not crusty or hairy and pedicured, that's attractive to some people.

45, good point. Also, imbedded infected cactus spines are a huge turn off, but imbedded porcupine quips make me JIMP.

* embedded... quills... AAAARGH for edit time running out!

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Feet can look good, though I wouldn't get so hot over it... but besides that, does that make the old guy perverted or not?

He was rubbing his crotch in public. That counts as pervy, no matter what it's about.

okay foot fetishes creep me out soo much. eww.

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haha "why hello there... take off your shoes, bitch, lemme see dem beauties"

65, if your crotch itches when you're at the mall, what do you do?

Going to the bathroom to address that seems like the appropriate course of action, since touching on or near your genitals in public is not acceptable, regardless of reason.

feet are ******* hot! it's a good day when you get the chance to have a nice footjob.

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I bet you would love some hot feet on feet action as well, wouldn't you?

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ohhh what he would do with your feet! ;O

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hmm... would you rather he get down and start sucking your toes? lol

he's got a fetish. who cares. put shoes on next time

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Hey! You have sexy feet okay? I couldn't control it...

ok guys c'mon maybe his crotch was itchy, this girl thinks the world revolves around her and her crusty feet... gosh! ( Napoleon dynamite voice)

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76 - Hugh Hefner must be your love addiction.

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that was you. haha I kid I kid.

Creepy? Foot fetish. Always a little creepy.

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are you being serious asking that question she most likly was in sandels or she prolly would of said a old guy was looking at me feet and was rubbing his crotch and i had shoes on

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now that's one he'll of a compliment

That is one he will of a compliment? What the heck does that mean?

Foot fetishists always think they're complimenting people when they wanna jack it to their feet. They don't get that the majority of the population just finds it weird and offputting, not complimentary.

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I work @ a call center for wigs and we have 1 car who calls and ask us what we are wearing on our feet atleast 10 times a day. freaky foot fetish guys are scary!

Well its better than having him rub his crotch on your feet

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haha thats exActly what i was thinking

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That'll be a foot job... probably better.