Dating apps suck

By probablydeadbymidnight - 01/07/2012 22:57 - United States

Today, I exchanged pictures with a guy I met online, whose devotion to his family really impressed me. In his picture, he was wearing clown makeup, holding a huge knife to his throat with one hand, and an ICP album in the other. All this with a psychopathic grin on his face. FML
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Unfortunately, his "family" is all the other idiot juggalos. Just be glad you've never met him in person, block his email address, and move the hell on.

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Why don't I read fmls properly... Sorry people, I will accept my failure and leave now :(


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You met this man online, didn't you?

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Why don't I read fmls properly... Sorry people, I will accept my failure and leave now :(

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I'm sorry but i have to point out how perfect your bio fits what just happened.

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Hey dont worry about it! We can all be a little derpy sometimes(:

no. it just says she met him online in the first sentence to be special

Unfortunately, his "family" is all the other idiot juggalos. Just be glad you've never met him in person, block his email address, and move the hell on.

11- I really want to believe that, but every single Juggalo I've EVER met or talked to online has been seriously ******* deranged and shown ridiculous anger issues. I think the genuine "love and peace" ones are rare and stop being a part of the group when they realize it's all bull. Just about the only help these people give each other is related to hard drugs or violence.

Come on. There must be a great story behind that one... (initiate one of those sitcom episodes that start with an insanely illogical situation, then rewind a few hours/days to explain how it got there)

My cousin is a Juggalo and him and his "family" do a lot of good for the community. By no means do I think that they are all good but they do participate in walks for health and they help out almost every week at the soup kitchen and help churches with food drives and just plain help out. They probably help out more people than anyone who thinks they are better than them.

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What's the matter OP? He just wants to make you his Juggabitch. Lol

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HA. WHOOP WHOOP! y'all don't know shit. And he's better than any of y'all motherfuckers ever will be. Take the time to learn about shit before talkin it down.

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Sorry, ICP is good music, even if a bit deranged.

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#20-I love ICP and am not deranged, I'm a 13 year old honor student:)

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86- When you're a dick it makes me hate you.

89- I'm 14 and have a 4.5 GPA without being a juggalo. What's your point?

Ops point is that he/she can be smart and like icp at the same time.

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148- I think your reading comprehension skills may need a small tune-up.

109 - He was trying to say that his grades are fine and he's not deranged even though hes an ICP fan. You on the other hand, are just trying to show off to a bunch of people on fml who don't give a rats ass about your grades.

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My fiancé just happens to be a "juggalo" people are who they want to be just because someone is different doesn't mean they are horrible people. There's always some bad apples. It's like saying Slipknot maggots say they stay (sic) doesn't mean they are insane. I believe just letting be people be who they are, enjoy life. I am =] love being judgmental free!

I'm 12 and I have a 5.0 GPA. I win. Just kidding I'm an adult who realizes those things don't matter.

OK first fk all of you judging every person in a group based off a few you have met is wrong I'm a juggalo I have a job making $20.00 an hour and a nice house loving family and I will stand up to strangers for people I don't know if I feel what I see is wrong I don't do any drugs except tobacco I don't even drink so judge not so that ye not be judged that's from the bible unless you Christians out there have forgotten mmfwcl

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Maybe it wasn't him, and he was just messing with you. But you should really never exchange pictures with strangers online they might use those to stalk you or photoshop you onto naked pictures. Lol

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Your comment would be more credible if you didn't have a profile picture on your account.

*begins photoshopping her picture onto naked ones*

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Umm hey genius for the way her pic is it wouldn't work for photoshop like yours would!!

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Uhm who says that's me? Plus you can't see my freaken face behind those glasses. You wouldn't recognize me on the street.

"Who says its me" followed by "plus you can't see my face." Smart.

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Kamakazi- You should read her bio. You don't want to be considered a super smart twit for correcting her individuality.

Kylee, I have a girlcrush on you. Also, what's the difference if you have them on or not? I can see your face just fine.

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Shut the **** up bitch!!! I bet you can barely take a ****** punch and your callin them *******?? I think you should take a lookin the ****** mirror then you will see who is the real pussy

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I'm sure he really IS devoted to his family, OP. just devoted to killing them and wearing their skin as clothes...

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Exactly I dont know why people freak out so much over really dedicated ICP fans... It's not that scary

Well, gang members usually put family first. Right? No? Ok..

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Insane clown posse is a bunch of ppl who get together and make music and rap and shit. Not a gang

Juggalos are not gang members. Just so you know.


Did he have hatchetman or juggalo tattooed on him too?

That's why you don't meet people online...nothing good ever happens!!

That's not true. I've known plenty of people who met their husbands/wives online. Hell I met my husband online and we have a beautiful little boy and another on the way. Plenty of good can happen.

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Hopefully you figured out what "family" he was devoted to at that point. FYL, OP. That's creepy as hell.

Did you give him your address? Then you probably will be dead by midnight.

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Your ****** stupid just because he was a juggalo don't mean that he is gonna come to her house and kill her you dumb **** like seriously everybody thinks that kinda shit but the truth is most juggalos will stand up for you, not beat you if your in a relationship and actually be there to raise there kids so stop thinking most juggalos are ****** killers