By WaffleMan - 08/06/2012 11:58 - United States - Stirling

Today, I was in a business meeting. I was giving a Powerpoint presentation to my boss and a few other associates. Then a notification popped up in the middle of my presentation reminding me that I needed to renew my pornhub subscription. FML
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Why do people have these in their work computers/laptops? It always puzzles me

Your username scares me


Why do people have these in their work computers/laptops? It always puzzles me

Lol maybe he spends 50% of his time working and the other 50% wanking.

I have one laptop. I do both work and personal things on it.... Why buy two different computers?

Maybe so you don't have notifications for porn sites in the middle of presentations...

MetalxSoldier 26

Haha... What a loser! They were probably thinking "what kind of idiot pays for porn?"

you don't wanna know how many computers i have. fine i'll tell you, i have 12. and one definitely has a designated purpose....if you know what i mean.

When you gotta fap.... You gotta fap.

courtneyann211 10

10- a lot of companies give their employees a laptop so they can work from home when it's required

Heres and idea.. Instead of watching porn and wasting your time.. Go get a girl.. Have some fun.. Make mistakes.. It's what life is about!!

fthislyfe 22

82: I watch porn even if I have a boyfriend. Are those two really related?

reddudeover 2

82 - Another person who thinks porn and relationships are diametrically opposed well they aren't. I don't watch porn as a substitute for anything. I watch it when I'm in a relationship and when I'm not.

Maybe cuz not everyone is loaded with cash enough to afford two laptops... Dumbass

69 likes is pretty appropriate. Won't "thumb's up" out of principle!

Llamacod 11

79, on the flip side, a lot of companies don't give employees computers to work on. what's your point.

He's "paying" for porn subscription. Sounds to me like he's got a few extra $.


Women shouldn't sell there body's for money. Unless its Kim K then I'm good with that.

119 you say cuz because it's short and I say stfu because it's short :P

Your username scares me

Your picture scares me.

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21- You're not doing it right.

anzie_fml 9

2- did you get my text? Well, you didn't text me back...

aleeshttylXD 9

#5 i dont think she checks her comments ... :]

Oh yeah more starkid fans

Well you didn't text me back...

No parties.... Unless UMBRIDGE KS INVITED!

TakeABow9 1

Love da StarKid xD

This dude deserves it for 2 reasons.... numbero uno it was on a work computer and numbero dos he was payin for porn

anzie_fml 9

Mama Umbridge, how come you were upvoted (by myself as well) for repeating my joke, while I was buried? :( I guess I'll just go away.

Did you renew your subscription?

Yinky 6

Just share the subscription it will show that you work better in a team.

It'd be pretty ironic if the notification included a short screening of office porn

Have fun explaining that to your superiors.

No explanation necessary. I'd be more concerned about getting teased about it FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, even to future hires.

His superiors probably watch porn too. Who doesn't? Honestly.

Some of the other men probably all have accounts too.

mckibabe 7

And women?

Why did i read that in Peter Griffen's voice?

But they probably have the sense not to watch porn from a work computer and/or at work.

thebigtwinkie 28

there are 2 types of people in the world: those who admit they watch porn, and those who just can't.

Pornhub?! Haha you noob, RedTube is where it's at.

william8691 10

I personally prefer tubegals or spankwire.

Fucd or beeg are the best

challan 19

And why pay for a free site?! To be a gold member?! Tisk Tisk

*Hides* This is so not for my eyes?

I'm 12 and what is this

leogirl95 12

94- Honestly, if you have to ask, you are too young.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Let the young man explore the interweb. He'll be stuck to his swivel chair in the matter of minutes haha.

Or Electrosluts ;)

You guys do realize its a meme right? He isn't really 12...

FeroniaMoonscyth 2

What is this I don't even.

specialneeds 0

Best porn

Xvideo is where it is at. Free thousands of videos

CastleHCP 1

Ferona, Squirt... Kindly learn how the interbutts work before you comment. It's a common response to explicit material. A few years back, some /b/rothers posted porn all over YouTube with innocuous titles like "Jonas Brothers live" and one response in the comment section was "I am 12 and what is this". There's your educational Internet tidbit for the day. Now get out.

Screw that fake shite. Amateur is where it's at. Xtube all the way!

Hahaha. Wow. This is a little too mature for youuu. XD

gmoney3000 0

Redtube is raw

kjb1234 5

104- Well his username is I love my Xbox

slapped_bass97 2

Get a girlfriend damnit

Snackycake 20

I'm I the only one okay with both?

tacostacos 2

Let him explore his future

I prefer porndig

tony1891 22

that was clever of you to auto notify yourself. PORN!!!

Haha! A touch embarrassing, truth. My question is: why do you need some kind of calendar reminder for that?

MetalxSoldier 26

I agree, I'm pretty sure he'll know whenever he doesn't have anything to help him "please" his self.

Hehe a "touch" embarrassing huh?

sdfwkhsdfiu 1

I bet the boss and the associates were like " ha ha, he pays for porn"

I didn't know anyone actually paid for porn on the Internet! Honestly put a reminder on the same laptop you use for work????? You totally deserve it!!!! D/A