By notguilty - 15/08/2009 23:24 - United States

Today, while I was watching Miley Cyrus's new music video, I had an itch near my bikini line that I couldn't reach through my jeans. So I unzipped my pants to get to it, and that's when my boyfriend walked in on me with my hands down my pants. He thought I was getting off on the music video. FML
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Lisimal 7

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! YDI for even looking at that beaver face.

Who would want to get off to Miley? :)


Lisimal 7

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! YDI for even looking at that beaver face.

LOLOL best fml ever

Number 1 wins. If you willingly watch a miley cyrus video you deserve anything painful.

justdancebbyx3 7

YDI for listening to that fucking cunt in the first place

Xdanicat 0

#1, you rock. That beaver face twitters absolutely everything she does.

DieterDerBlau 0

SO RIGHT... Almost ANY other woman tho', it'd be uncool if the BF had a problem, cos every man's dream is a bi-sexual woman... right???

Well, according to a recent report on the causes of homosexuality, at least 90% of people are bi-curious - if not completely bisexual or homosexual. This means that most women would be interested in trying it at some point. Just not necessarily with their guy. (Luckily for me, my girlfriend is) Regardless, #1 wins - Fail singer is fail

And 99% of statistics are made up on the spot so I'm calling bullshit on 90% of people being bi-curious....because no, they aren't

LOLL #1 you're awesome!!

I also agree with number 1! YDI for looking at that teenage skank, horrible-role model.

unkinged44 0

Trust me he wasnt looking at the tv *wink*

pretty sure this is fake. miley cyrus doesn't have a new music video, she was filming it today.

#21,you should be the last one talking about listening to a certain person.Your profile picture is Lady Gaga.She sucks.Although i agree that the op deserves it for listening to miley cyrus.

hunguponyou 0

152: miley twitters EVERYTHING

Lisimal 7

Thanks everyone. But I want to apologize to all the beavers around the world for insulting them BADLY! As for those typical Miley Cyrus fans saying their typical "You're just jealous of her....blah blah blah," think of something better to say. I'm really getting bored of hearing the same crap. I, in NO WAY, am "jealous" of her.

Cheyenne_Is_Me 4

How is she a horrible role model? Those pictures she took were from years ago, and it's not like she was butt-naked. Plus, she actually said sorry fo everything she did. No other star that did pictures like that (or worse) said sorry. If you wanna see a horrible role model, look up Demi Lovato. The girl who wears gallons of make-up, a fake tan, and dyes her hair a different color all the time. =

uhm. actually demi lovato is a great role model. she doesn't take pictures of herself in her underwear.. and most people who do put out pictures say sorry. so idk what ur talking about and i'm pretty sure you don't know either..

Totally agree with #1. YDI for willingly having anything to do with Miley Cyrus.

Jekasnail 1

normally i would agree with #1 but sometimes, i'm even guilty of looking at youtube poop.. however, that is a big youtube shat. k.

Go die for knowing that .

I laugh in ur face

you should have went.. " no, I only save that for you... " then jump on him ;)

fckinbowdown 0

that's so awesome if I saw my girl getting off to Miley Cyrus I would jump on her and fuck her so hard. hope he did the same

No,ur supossed to walk in and say "need a hand"

....sounds like my saturday nights

Yeah, I don't see the problem either. I get off to Miley Cyrus all the time. :)

miley cyrus is god

nicole1123 0

....dude, thats really not cool.

indeed it's not, it's funny xD

I ahe a question for eveeryone; y does everyone hate miley Cyrus?!? what did she ever do to us?!?!?

She breathed.^

Link5794 18

She sang.


Who would want to get off to Miley? :)

greenltrn2003 0

im pretty sure you meant who wouldnt ;-) this is awesome tho...perfect timing!

100 bucks says she'll just end up being a porn star.

you are right Hannah is hotter

What are you all talking about? Miley is hot!

And now look what happened…

effthis 0

so little girls turn you on?

How do you know they aren't teenagers? I'm 14

YDI for watching miley cyrus

ladycoyote 0

You deserve it for voluntarily watching Miley Cyrus do anything.

DeadMansCrack 4


did your boyfriend give you crabs?

Orchid_fml 2

he must be a bit slow if he thinks you get turned on by miley cyrus . however , YDI .