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Today, I was at a friend's party. Her neighbor and I really hit it off. We went off into the woods and left everyone, including her parents, at the bonfire. We started hooking up when my friend ran over. Apparently they could see everything. We had on glow stick necklaces and bracelets. FML
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It didn't occur to the both of you to take them off before "hooking up"?? YDI, lol. >=D

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you moron -_- how do you not know that you have glowsticks on. i mean really.


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That's something I would do. FYL. XD Haha

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At least it wasn't glow-stick necklaces and **** rings.

Lmao #6, where'd it go?! There it is!.... Where'd it go?! ...There it is!

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#6 & #7; you guys made my day :D Just hilarious :')

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(the next day) how did she die? she swallowed the poisonous glow stick fluid and died.

Wait, so when you say "her parents" you mean your friend's parents, and not your friend's neighbor's parents, unless... you're a lesbian?

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#62....glow stick fluid by itself isnt poisonous...look it up....what is the problem is that to get the "glow" you have to "break" the inside glass, so you wld end up cutting yourself on the glass you drink... the things you learn in school these days, huh... =)

It didn't occur to the both of you to take them off before "hooking up"?? YDI, lol. >=D

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While this is definetly a ydi :) it made my day XD

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you moron -_- how do you not know that you have glowsticks on. i mean really.

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agreed, you totally deserved this for having no common was obviously dark out...they're called GLOW sticks for a reason, when did it occur to you that wearing them makes you inconspicuous?

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No I ment INconspicuous....I know what I said....apparently you did not read it correctly... I was asking when it occured to them that wearing glow sticks would make them "not readily noticable"...anyone wearing glow sticks or GLOW anything is a moron to not know immediately that they would be noticed, so I was asking when it occured to them that wearing glow sticks Wouldn't make them noticable.

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No its conspicuous. Look it up. Or I can ask my english professor how on earth I passed his class not knowing how words work.

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yeah really....inconspicuous would mean not noticeable

They used inconspicuous correctly. If you'd actually read what they said, it makes perfect sense.

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I'm so confused. Why does everyone think it's "conspicuous"? #12 used it perfectly fine. Inconspicuous means: –adjective not conspicuous, noticeable, or prominent. [therefore, Not Noticeable, if anyone is confused, the word "not" is applied to the words noticeable and prominent.] Synonyms: unnoticeable, unobtrusive, unostentatious. Grammar nazi should quit their jobs if they can't do it correctly.

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As you can see from the other responses, it is not I who needs a dictionary. I know what I wrote, and I ment to use the word INconspicuously for a reason....scarcasm, and tone or no tone the statement made sense. For INconspicuous means NOT NOTICABLE, and why I even have to respond to this comment is beyond me, thank you for those who understand what I was saying, and the other poster is correct... grammar nazi should go elsewhere and mis-correct other people's english. For the THIRD time, I was simply stating that IDK when it dawned on them that they would go unnoticed with glow sticks....Im sorry if my vocabulary surpasses that of you and your english "professor" Maybe your incompetent english "professor" could use and aid. And I MENT INCOMPETENT, NOT competent

surely you meant competent :P LOL this was funnier then the Original.

1. There's an a in "meant". 2. Scarcasm? Looks like you're the one in need of a dictionary after all. Okay that really was a sad thing to point out but I can never resist correcting people who are correcting other people. Although scarcasm was probably a typo.

The meant was probably a typo to just to let you know. It is possible to accidently leave out a letter.

I'm not a grammar Nazi (I don't have good spelling) but I think in the reply above me it's supposed to be too not to.

Exactly. C'mon, glow sticks? They're not very discreet and forgettable. They're always getting in the way of... stuff.

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YDI for starting off with today

Uhm... all FML's start off with 'today'. That's how, y'know, things work around here ;)

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It was "today" ass hole.... 2 AM this morning is still today, not yesterday, and If you read the rules of this forum, every post starts with "today" and ends with "FML" A. Apparently you dunno that 2AM on Monday is still Monday, it doesnt count as "Friday night" B. Apparently you dunno anything about the website your posting on. FYL for being an idiot, and then posting it for all to see. It would go something like this "Today, I was on a website and needed to feel cool and post something, unfortunately, my one line statement was completely and utterly wrong, because I dont know how to tell time or bother to read about what it is Im commenting on. I did nothing but demonstrate my need to fit in and be heard and why noone takes me seriously.FML"

wow, i think you took that guy's joke wayyy too seriously


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Since when was Friday the day before Monday??

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i was wondering the same thing.

wouldn't the glow sticks just indicate you guys were there but not show anything... i didn't think glow sticks were that bright...

Well, you ****** up her life. Now her dad's seen her **** and is going to stand over her bed tonight and jerk off on her face. She'll wake up just as it happens and scream. Her mom will come in, see what happened, kill her dad in a moment of blind rage, and then go to jail. She'll then discover that her parents were deeply in debt, and will be forced into the foster system when the house is taken by the bank and none of her relatives want anything to do with her. Good job OP, good ******* job.