By baldintheback - 15/08/2009 19:21 - United States

Today, my sister and I were reading the new FML posts. I sat close to the fan, and after a few minutes, I leaned against it for support. It immediatly sucked up my hair and started violently twisting it. My sister continued to read and shouted at me because my cries for help are distracting. FML
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klutzywriter 0

ouch. i'd put HER hair in it


slinkiess 0

no one cares if you're first. awww, i'm sorry. you should get revenge. >:)

No one cares that you don't care if they're first Oh wait shi--

FML is very important. YDI for distracting her.

bossybanks 0

FYL op I am sorry but I couldn't help laughing.I hope everything is ok

this site or app will do that to some ppl

doglover100 28

I know. Some stuff is so distracting but the sister should've helped.

klutzywriter 0

ouch. i'd put HER hair in it

Nico_Belic 0

Since when is reading FML a group activity?

I read FML with a lot of my friends quite often! It's fun for le whole family!!

mzbabygurl97 0

well dEEEEERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!. what kind of idiot r u to lean against a fan UFDI. Today, im the idiot that leaned against the fan for support , and my hair got sucked in. my sister did not shouted at me for being noisy,,,,... story of your life.. sucks dosent it

The_9th_Doctor 18

I hope you hair gets stuck in a Timeing belt

mzbabygurl97 0

what a ******* idiot.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥ XD

mzbabygurl97 0

who gives a **** whos first and 3rd nn even last ...

so umm im never going to forget this fml. just btw

Your sister must be stupid if she can't read little quick stories just because you're screaming. Of course, she's stupid in general to not come and help you, obviously... But that's what you get for leaning against a fan.