By fouryearswasted - 19/12/2010 05:14 - United States

Today, I found out my girlfriend of four years is legally married to a man in prison. He gets out next week. FML
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well, he's prolly used to butt sex with men. maybe you can work out some sort of love triangle.


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ikr! he's going to kill you once he finds out you've been screwing his wife. You better run now. Lolz

propose a duel where the winner gets the maiden. go medieval on his ass!

Don't forget the glove slap to show you mean bussiness.

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hahaha I would purposely just sit in her house in my boxers (cause OP's a man) and when he walks in just be like sup then he'll go all mad and try to kick my ass but then I'll tell him that his wife never told me about him and in the end I become best friends with Mr. Jail man and the wife got a nice little divorce. So OP just go gay! :D

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aaaaaw your picture is adorable!!! i wanna a tshirt with that image

lol 7 wins. make sure to add a classic brick to the mix.

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Threesome! His asshole must be a ruined flap after prison!

Totally agree 44, threesomes are the universal solution to all FML relationship problems.

tell him while he was droppin the soap, you were havin good times with his wife

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Dude you are posting on FML which leads me to believe you are a wuss cut your losses pack your crap and let him have the the girl, or you might get bitch slapped unless you like that than stay :)

Unlucky, better luck next time OP. I'll give you a tip, find someone who is single?

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well, he's prolly used to butt sex with men. maybe you can work out some sort of love triangle.

He might want to hook up with ya and leave her out of the picture.

I don't see fml, I see ylmf (you lucky mf). Hopefully you've been banging it, that's why she was with you, and now you have a guilt free breakup.

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Ugh oh! That's something that should have been discussed on the first date!!