By Anonymous - 23/08/2014 18:16 - Canada - Lethbridge

Today, I found out my girlfriend doesn't really take flute lessons after all. In related news, every time my best friend supposedly drives her to flute lessons, he's actually taking her to his house for a different kind of activity. FML
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she wasnt lying. skin-flute lessons

She's been blowing on the wrong type of flute


she wasnt lying. skin-flute lessons

Roskosity 22

Spit valve is full.

Admit it, the girl can blow

She was blowing a flute, not exactly the flute OP was thinking.....

incoherentrmblr 21

It's all about the Sax...

Laurenlou 24

#7 I'm sorry in advance for ruining the joke, but flutes do not have spit valves.

Well now you only got 99 problems, and that bitch aint one.

Linkin Park reference for anyone who didn't get it...

"No reed needed" Some advanced shit right there.

For all those practice sessions she must have an amazing performance.

aww I was gunna say the meat flute!!

Maybe your friend thought it would be nice to tutor her, so she's better at it with you. But in all seriousness, FYL.

"rusty trombone" lessons??

she wasn't lying thoe, maybe OP's friend was teaching her to blow HIS flute

Oh she's getting flute lessons. Skin flute.

Too late on the draw there, Tex.

Oh they both made their comments at the same time give 'em some slack.

She's been blowing on the wrong type of flute

Or the right kind of flute.

Bet she likes the song "Blow my whistle..."

martin8337 35

Or, blow the man down.

Better find a new girlfriend and a new best friend. Best of luck to you!

Guess you didn't see the AND in his sentence...

Op's best friend has been showing her how to play the organ.

he meant best friend and girlfriend as same person

Yeah find a girlfriend that doesn't suck.

lennon_ 16

Dude that's a bummer. I don't understand why people cheat and why a "best friend" would do that oh well at least you can get rid of assholes like them from your life.

Doesn't matter, had sex.

medal9717 8

You're going places. Oh wait, no, you'll probably hit on someone's girlfriend, after which a 6'3 guy will come inside and pick you up by the neck.

I'd buy a flute and stick it up his arse! And dump her, of course

LostInTheZone11 29

I would shove the flute up his a$$ sideways.

Too much 33 too much...

Hiimhaileypotter 52

No flute deserves that fate. :(

Use a cheap ass recorder instead. he is not worth ruining a decent instrument over.

#6 WOW ! Looks like someone's a badass here !!!

What about up her ass? She was the one cheating on him. They're both at fault. Not just the best friend.

Damn, that sucks. I'm sorry about that OP! You'll find someone better!

OP's best friend is dick, a dick that the girlfriend's been sucking on!

Best friend deserves a solid ass whoopin, then dump em both. Problem solved. Life's too short to waste it trying to reconcile with trash like that.

To be fair, she has still been playing the pipe.