By Anonymous - Canada - Lethbridge
Today, I found out my girlfriend doesn't really take flute lessons after all. In related news, every time my best friend supposedly drives her to flute lessons, he's actually taking her to his house for a different kind of activity. FML
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By  itooamscrewed  |  10

Oh she's getting flute lessons. Skin flute.

By  lennon_  |  16

Dude that's a bummer. I don't understand why people cheat and why a "best friend" would do that oh well at least you can get rid of assholes like them from your life.

  medal9717  |  8

You're going places. Oh wait, no, you'll probably hit on someone's girlfriend, after which a 6'3 guy will come inside and pick you up by the neck.

  LostInTheZone11  |  28

I would shove the flute up his a$$ sideways.