By Anonymous - 23/5/2021 06:01


Today, my son threw a temper tantrum and told me I “should have aborted him” and threatened to run away from home. Why? Because I nicely asked him to share his french fries with his sister. My son is 17. FML
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By  bleachedraven  |  14

French fries get stale the moment they get cold, and reheating makes them taste worse...he needs to pick better battles for retroactive birth control 🤣 French fries are not worth it!

By  Ellimac21  |  12

On a first glance it looks like a toddler tantrum but what if there is something under that?
Is he something he does often? Does he always have to share things with his sister but she doesn't and can get away scot-free ? Cause if the sharing is only one-way, he may feel it's unfair and that the sister is being favoured?

By  wawa_sxm  |  14

i was going to say 18 is not for away good riddence buut.....why is he acting like that at 17? how old is the sister? 20?...i suspect a huge difference in upbringing and as spoiled as the son might be i suspect the sister to be ten times worse