By poops - United States
Today, I found out my girlfriend and her best friend compare the dumps they take to common transportation. They comment about it on each others facebook page. My girlfriend's last one was apparently a 'coach bus'. FML
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  BritishHobo  |  0

Yeah, it always pees me off when people's complaints on an FML are 'this didn't ruin your life'. Oh, sorry, would you rather be on a website full of people who watched a friend die, or caught a terminal illness, or some other soul-destroying horrifying experience? It's a funny site, and it always has been.

  cjammer  |  0

They compare their bowel movements to transportation.

Heard of similes and metaphors? Kind of like someone saying, "That Saint Bernard is as big as a house!" (which is a simile), or "That Saint Bernard is a house!" (which is a metaphor). Here they're saying, "My shit is as big as/came out as fast as/looks just like a coach bus", or in terms of a metaphor (and accurate to the FML), "My shit is a coach bus." Hence the start of the comparison.

"They take" is part of the clause in "the dumps they take", as in "bowel movements they have". I think you guys are mistakenly reading it as "...dumps they bring with them onto common transportation" instead of "[using a metaphor/simile, compare: the dumps (that they take) ---> common transportation."

I honestly hope this helps. If it sounds jagged and disoriented, that's because I couldn't stop laughing throughout this episode of Shit English 101.

By  perdix  |  29

They probably use the same system to describe their boyfriends penises, Mr. Dinghy.

You may want to avoid anal when "water taxi" makes its appearance.