By Anonymous - 24/08/2014 04:14 - United States

Today, a guy took me out on a date. His imaginary friends joined us. FML
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Misswildsides 22

Yes because I totally want to have sex with my date then pretend I'm having sex with his imaginary friend...not.

JMichael 25

But you could really get into the pretending part. Plus I think the imaginary friends could satisfy your needs a lot better.

There's more than one imaginary friend.

What if it's a demon, bent on revenge for past deeds. Watch yourself, OP, this is how horror movies start.

did the imaginary friend have a bad personality? is that the problem here?

blazerman_fml 17

Omg I'm so sorry.But I really don't want to miss the news!I feel so bad for ditching you.But hey at least u have your pals to keep you company xD

not necessarily #2. @OP is he cute? if he is just play along. its not so bad.

22: No. Imaginary friend had bad breath.

CelticSkye 13

And what was his imaginary friend like? I hope he at least had a sense of humor.

Explain "Walled". This seems to be fun.

I believe that's where you put up walls between yourself and another person. Fortunately, those walls are imaginary too, so they'll be effective against his friends.

CallMeWindSock 24

"Table for 4 please, my imaginary friends are joining us."

lol I can picture it more like this: when OP and her date arrive at the restaurant they get a table for four. OP: so where's your friends that you said was joining us? her date: um, don't you see them? they're sitting next to us. *points* that's Amber and that's Matt OP: *face desk*

His imaginary friend didn't pay in imaginary money did he? ( in reference to sponge bob where his bubble buddy pays in bubble money)