By Anonymous - 24/08/2014 04:14 - United States

Today, a guy took me out on a date. His imaginary friends joined us. FML
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Misswildsides 22

Yes because I totally want to have sex with my date then pretend I'm having sex with his imaginary friend...not.

JMichael 25

But you could really get into the pretending part. Plus I think the imaginary friends could satisfy your needs a lot better.

Isn't it a threesome?

There's more than one imaginary friend.

What if it's a demon, bent on revenge for past deeds. Watch yourself, OP, this is how horror movies start.

Aaaaaaaandddd time to leave

did the imaginary friend have a bad personality? is that the problem here?

blazerman_fml 17

Omg I'm so sorry.But I really don't want to miss the news!I feel so bad for ditching you.But hey at least u have your pals to keep you company xD

not necessarily #2. @OP is he cute? if he is just play along. its not so bad.

22: No. Imaginary friend had bad breath.

Oh gosh, someone needs to get out more.

Did he order food for them?

Did they approve of you?

CelticSkye 13

And what was his imaginary friend like? I hope he at least had a sense of humor.

Way to be the third wheel.

Or fourth. Or fifth. So on.

I would have got up and walled out!

Explain "Walled". This seems to be fun.

I believe that's where you put up walls between yourself and another person. Fortunately, those walls are imaginary too, so they'll be effective against his friends.

Team, wall out!

CallMeWindSock 24

"Table for 4 please, my imaginary friends are joining us."

lol I can picture it more like this: when OP and her date arrive at the restaurant they get a table for four. OP: so where's your friends that you said was joining us? her date: um, don't you see them? they're sitting next to us. *points* that's Amber and that's Matt OP: *face desk*

His imaginary friend didn't pay in imaginary money did he? ( in reference to sponge bob where his bubble buddy pays in bubble money)

I imagine the they did.

Double date?