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Today, I found out my class was attempting to raise money for me through a bake sale because some girl spread a false rumor that I was raped and that my father was going to disown me. The whole school believes it and my biology teacher took me aside and asked if I needed someone to confide in. FML
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nikigustapie, firstly it's embarrassing to explain to everyone that they were lied to; secondly people will get the wrong idea about her probably decent, loving father; third of all, who would accept money from volunteers under false pretenses? I'd feel overwhelmed and infuriated at the liar who started it all. Yeah, it's nice to know that people care, but think of the consequences.

  Imawhalerider  |  0

Physical revenge is for the stone ages, suing for damages is the modern revenge cycle. You can get a lot of money from the laws made by sissies. Plus the court system is messed up and crude, exploit every cent until we are forced to make solid changes in our over dramatic, over protectionalistic and protection of sensitive people. The 'fairness committee' made by weak humans creates laws that somehow if someone makes you cry, you can get money from that person.


Yeah the upside is you found out how much ur teacher and classmates care about u...
And since u said "bake sale" I assume at best u're in high school but probably middle school and in that case u can't sue. But I hope to see her repost of ur revenge, "Today some girl got me back for a horrible thing I did..."


lol y would people be mad at her because someone made a rumor about him..?
she kinda deserves it though, for not saying it was a lie sooner
he obviously knew before they started a fund && all this


only problem is with that is that people who actually have been raped often deny it ever happening.

the OP is in a pretty awkward position right now, i'd just take the money and publicly donate it to somebody


Yep, there's no real way to deny it. It's kinda like in "Life in Brian" where Brian tries to deny being the Messiah.

You need to get the person who started this rumour to come clean. This is serious.

  Casualt1234  |  0

well she could clear up the rumors if her dad comes out and denies allegations that she was raped AND that he'll disown her. It could work...

but this fml doesn't make much sense... if so many people know about it, then wouldn't there be a police investigation? then it could be resolved if she tells the police the truth and they find evidence to prove she's never been raped (or not find evidence to the contrary)

  GabriLee  |  0

Or that people write Today in front of all their FMLs... Or maybe it's a possibility that the poster is 40 and it happened 25 years ago but they desperately want an FML posted?