By pudh - 05/08/2015 11:08 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, my girlfriend and I were making love. It got hot and intense and we were really into it, until she blurted out, "Oh baby, rub your penis against mine". FML
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pudh tells us more.

Author's comment (pu): For the record, I did not make her feel crap about it. We laughed about it for hours before posting it on FML.

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Woah! Maybe you need to take a closer look

I feel like the story is missing something...


Cassmoneyyy 15

he made that comment because he's transgender.

dylanhasemann13 6

Did you suck her dick while eating her pussy?

Woah! Maybe you need to take a closer look

Op's girlfriend could still possibly be a girl. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, I **** up what I'm trying to say and accidentally switch who has what

She could also be transgender (transition doesn't have to involve surgery). Though she really should have talked to him about it, rather than have him find out like this... Unlikely scenario ofcourse, but just putting it out there...

The fact that it says 'making love' suggests that he's already got to the stage where he would have noticed. I think maybe she meant to say "rub your penis against me" or something and got muddled up along the way - let's face it if the sex was that intense you're not going to be one hundred percent focused on your words

splinteredApple 36

Actually, I'm pretty sure he found us.

the solution to every argument on FML... there's always that one guy

JustinJK 21

But if they actually have a penis and the op doesn't want that... then they should break up

no this is not the same as I caught my gf smiling at another dude or watever dictates the famous fml "shuld break up" comment. His gf has a penis!!! yes I think it mite be time to call it a day.

Why would they break up? She never said she has a penis, all she said was "rub your penis against mine" which means run your private part against my private part, plus she said it in the heat of the moment. Shit like that happens from time to time if you know what you're doing...

@78 Thaaank you! Finally, some critical thinking.

Um I have pleased and been pleased but never told a woman to lick my pussy. Not that there's anything wrong with that, other than anatomically.

JustinJK 21

I was just saying hypothetically speaking that if they did turn out to have a penis that would be a pretty good reason to break up lol

MzZombicidal 36

Y'all have some incredibly fragile masculinity. Lol.

I feel like the story is missing something...

whatarethisss 23

lol, apparently there are two penises. Perhaps, it's missing a ******?

I think it's what isn't missing that's the problem

Indeed it is missing something. It's called a Va-Jay-Jay.

RedneckNerd18 8

#82, what are you 12? call it a ******

Maybe instead of saying "rub your penis against my ******" she said "rub your penis against mine" even if she meant the former. Maybe a big misunderstanding.

How did you not notice her penis before she mentioned she had one?