By tailgaterhater - 17/08/2009 04:44 - United States

Today, a girl was tailgating me, even though I was going at speed limit. Annoyed, I drove 10 mph under the speed limit, and every time she honked, I went 5 mph slower. Too bad she got the last laugh… I was pulled over for "reckless driving." FML
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Always keep in mind you get ticketed for going too much under the speed limit. Yup, your fault.

You don't police the roads. You were probably some ass cruising in the passing lane. If someone's annoying you, just let them pass so both of you can get on with your lives.


Always keep in mind you get ticketed for going too much under the speed limit. Yup, your fault.

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The OP derserved everything they got. These stupid irrespectful twats should not be allowed driving liscenses

Hmm if you're being tailgated, slowing down is actually a lot safer (both for you and the car behind)... I always slow down, and I was having a chat earlier today with a friend who does it too.

Slowing down is one thing, going more than 5 mph under the speed limit, especially on a busy street, is reckless and can easily cause an accident. You deserved it, OP.

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who the **** cares #22? FML is waaaay better than MLIA. so stfu.

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really MLIA was so boring, that when i looked at the first page i immediately came back to fml so to everyone saying some posts should be on MLIA no they shouldn'd. MLIA is to boring to read

did you ever stop to think its the same person you idiot

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i think the first and foremost fault lies with the stupid girl who was tailgating and was too stupid to change lanes or at least pass.

No, #98, because the ending is different.

#98, you are part of the reason why MLIA is better than FML.

It shouldn't be illegal being it's called a speed limit for a reason and if you could handle insurance or whatever happened you should have slammed the breaks really hard(but with a good enough reason to explain to a cop and what not). Also you should fight reckless driving in court...driving slow is easily fought as safe not reckless. Say you saw them tailgating and was tought(like i was) in drivers ed to slow down when tailgated to make them more likely to go around you and avoid them rear ending you in the chance you have to break hard.

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that sucks man I hate when people are so ******* rude like that. I get why you got the ticket but it's a stupid technicality

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Tailgaters are ****-heads. This FML is a win!

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That was a total douche move slowin down your ass deserves that ticket.

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I fully agree with the car tailgating you, nobody drives the speed limit except old ladys and uptight anal retentive twats. I hope the tailgater is the one who called the cops to watch for a slow driver blocking traffic. Thats what i do!!

so you got pulled over for going under the speed limit? thats kinda harsh.

I'm assuming you either don't have your permit or just don't know that you can get ticketed for it. Or maybe it's not in all states, whatever.

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Driving too far under the speed limit is illegal in all states, #2 just might not have a license.

it is only illegal if it is causing a disturbance. going 15 under is not illegal and fighting this should get him out of it. That cop should have pulled the girl over. She was tailgating, that is reckless. If someone had hit him, because of her tailgating, she would have hit him also. Not leaving a space between you and the driver in front of you is ALSO ILLEGAL! On top of that, she was honking her horn out of anger. Most states say that this is also illegal. Honking your horn should only be used for emergencies in most states. The cop was wrong on this one. Most of the time the slow driving law can only be applied while on the interstate.

OP stated that he went 10mph slower than the speed limit and then proceded to go 5mph even slower for each time she honked. on am average city stree of a speed limit of 35mph, this would get dangerous really quickly. if you round a corner and somebody is going 5 or 10mph, it will probably cause a crash.

LOL. I completely agree. But seriously, every consider she might have been in a hurry for a reason? and that you with all the time in the world to spite someone potentially made someone elses day that much worse? So yeah YDI, you deserved it for being a spiteful person.

Everyone needs to think about this. If the woman wouldn't pass, there was obviously only 1 lane. And if someone is riding your ass like that, you're supposed to slow down to encourage them to pass. Being 3 feet from someone's bumper isn't going to get you there any faster, so if you're not going to pass there's no point in trying to intimidate the other driver. People like that make me wish I still drove my truck around, I'd find a turn, then hit my brakes late for it, and if they hit me they got the ticket and a messed up car, happened twice and I never even had to report it to my insurance. Edit: Oops, wrong post, point still valid though.

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If she was in a hurry for a decent reason, she would have passed her regardless.... A lack of planning on your part doesnt mean its my emergency. How bout this... if youe in such a hurry to be somewhere, leave 10 mins earlier, otherwise, enjoy the view from behinf the person who DID leave a few mins earlier so they dont HAVE to speed or tailgate.

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heres a big tip for ya, skippy. pull over n let them pass. if they must be a douchebag, let them do it to someone else. YDI

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FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE. The OP stole this from MLIA, the b*tch.

Or, maybe they wrote it on both sites? Did you ever think of that?

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My driver's Ed teacher even said that if you go the speed limit, little old ladies are going to wave at you as they pass you by. YDI, speed up.

YDI for being retarded, what the **** did you do that for?

It's just plain dumb to taunt someone who is already annoyed enough to honk their horn. YDI for being a jerk.

i did this on a driving lesson the other day (though not that slow, only 3 mph below) and once i got to the national speed limit i burnt it off. My instructor new it was the right thing to do, its practically the law in the uk