By Anonymous - United States - Hampton
Today, I had to attend a meeting with my parents, my teacher, and my bully and his parents. When we started, my bully "broke down" and "tearfully" told the teacher that I was the one bullying him, and that he was getting blamed to cover it all up. They believed him. FML
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  GokuSS400  |  18

Bullying is a social "crime". Most times it's just teasing, exclusion, picking little fights, intimidation…

It RARELY leaves physical evidence that can be seen, because the damage is done to the mind.

It's like trying to prove unequal treatment…while yes you know it exists…it's extremely difficult to PROVE it in individual circumstances.

  Naatya__fml  |  25

Especially when, as a victim, you stopped crying to hide everything and you can't cry anymore even if you want to

That does suck OP. Try to get proofs and go to them right after they mistreated you or change school
Honestly, I wish everything is gonna be better soon and good luck ❤️

  swanheart  |  35

I think that's the point - there IS no proof that the op was bullying him. He just put on such a convincing display that the teachers believed him. it sucks that the op got blamed for bullying though - hopefully it gets sorted out in the end. I'm sure that op won't be the only person this guy was bullying. Other people may come forward.

By  kayakerp1  |  12

I feel bad but not because you are a girl. I know people will say your life sucks because a guy is bullying you but the fact that you are being framed for bullying is the sad part.


Not a single person on this FML except you has mentioned OP's gender, and pretty sure no one else will. Do you have some kind of problem with women or something that you felt you needed to bring that up?


I know that, #15. My confusion is not about OP's gender, but why #4 thought it was necessary to mention they didn't feel sorry for OP because she's a girl, as if people wouldn't be upset about this situation if a boy was bullied by another boy or a boy by a girl. It seemed like a suspicious comment, like #4 assumed women get some kind of special treatment when it comes to being victims.

By  CheekyRaccoon  |  27

Ever since that day jimmy learned that he could be a great actor some day. He then would later go on to acting, but later found out he was better at lying so he became a lawyer.

By  rebeccacmlc  |  22

That's terrible ... I'm sorry OP :/
But usually in bullying cases, there's always someone else who sees it, be it teachers, friends, or just people from your school, or even other people that are being bullied by that person ...
Good luck OP, I really hope it works out !!

  GokuSS400  |  18

Problem is that one of the things that school teaches you…but no one OFFICIAL will admit it…is to not speak up for others unless you're a close friend.

Basically, school teaches you that you have to fend for yourself.

And even if there was some other evidence that disproved the other guy's story.…the most likely scenario would be that the school would just suspend them BOTH and not bat an eye (at least until a lawsuit landed on their doorstep).

Such is the truth of schools in America…


If you fend for yourself though you eat a lot of shit and get in more trouble than the bully. The thought process is usually that the bully is already shitty but if they punish you for retaliation, you won't become shirty like him. It's a terrible idea and it doesn't work.

  Youtube_Troll  |  12

Well you are retarded. Teachers care about their students welfare almost all of the time. The only time I don't see teachers doing the right thing,(here in California) is when the students are total asshats

  arcanicEmbers  |  14

Good for you, #47. I was once sent to the office of my school to be punished for being the victim of bullying. The teacher saw the kid repeatedly shoving me down, yelled at me for it, and I ended up being the one to miss our next class to handle the principal. After I explained what happened to said principal, all the while trying not to cry, she said that "Maybe your teacher wanted the other kid to be first in line."

So yep, apparently it's okay to physically assault someone as long as you just want something they have. But please, tell me all about how teachers care for their student, and wouldn't do something like that.

Also, for the record, I'd been bullied most of my school life, and as a result was very quiet in class. I sat in the back and read books most of the time after I finished my work. I was also very polite to my teachers. Hardly a total asshat, am I?

  DoomedGemini  |  37

Uh, there are some teachers that stand by and watch the bully and some who even PARTICIPATE. What's with the thought of you have a profession you can't be terrible? I had a teacher refuse to help me catch up work who would throw things like pens at kids, yell at us constantly, and even curse at some.

  rebeccacmlc  |  22

#47 there's no need to insult me, damn. For your information, I've lived in France most of my life, part of it in England, and the teacher-student relationship is very different, as in that in France there is no student-teacher relation. I had trouble with bullying, all my teachers knew about it but not one did anything. And yes, what I suggested may or may not work, but you have to try something if you can. It was just so OP wouldn't be punished wrongly for bullying their bully.