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  birds_fml  |  7

No, it's not funny. I'd say that as revenge, you should throw your cat in when THEY'RE taking a shower, but that's mean to the cat and the cat didn't do anything to deserve it. Maybe you can hide a dead fish under their mattress or something.

  lessthanbee  |  0

theAteam, look up some pix of people that have gotten attacked by house-cats on google images. it is not pretty. i know i saw one such incident on one of those silly "when good pets go bad" shows a few years back. it was effin brutal.

  blackdog218  |  0

I have 2 scars because I was a bit too rough with my cat while playing with her... and if the cat isn't declawed then it's really easy for cats to cause some serious damage.

  xxchilloutxx  |  0

I'd like to take this opportunity to point out how horrible de-clawing your cat is!!! It just shouldn't be an option! Either have a cat, claws and all, or live without a cat! de-clawing is just like ripping your fingernails off! Go research it :/

Also, FYL OP, ouch!! :P