By N1ch0la1 - 08/08/2009 09:35 - South Africa

Today, while in the shower, my roomates thought it would be really funny if they threw my cat in with me. The doctor who gave me the stitches also thought so. FML
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Everyone will thinks it's funny :D Except for you :)

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Is your cat a tiger?


Everyone will thinks it's funny :D Except for you :)

My cat would do this free of charge. Your friends are legends.

YDI for throwing medicine balls at children.

yeah they'll find it funny....later... much later... I did after my younger brother did the same thing...


Well revenge is ALWAYS an option. hahaha

In terms of revenge the OP is from South Africa, from what I gather it's a country with lions and leopards, just wanted to point that out.

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No, it's not funny. I'd say that as revenge, you should throw your cat in when THEY'RE taking a shower, but that's mean to the cat and the cat didn't do anything to deserve it. Maybe you can hide a dead fish under their mattress or something.

poor cat! I love cats!

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Is your cat a tiger?


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"Ritard... Rihtaaarrrd"

they were all oh so right.

1.) That SUCKS.! >.< 2.) I hate cats. 3.) You have horrible room mates. 4.) Get sweet revenge. xD

Get revenge: lawsuit

+1 Internets for you. This may be the most interesting FML I've read in the past month.

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That's funny as hell! FYCL, though, poor thing.

Poor cat, it must have royally sucked for him/her also. D: Your friends are douches.

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A house cat giving a cut that bad? I know cats can give some mean cuts but damn

theAteam, look up some pix of people that have gotten attacked by house-cats on google images. it is not pretty. i know i saw one such incident on one of those silly "when good pets go bad" shows a few years back. it was effin brutal.

I have 2 scars because I was a bit too rough with my cat while playing with her... and if the cat isn't declawed then it's really easy for cats to cause some serious damage.

I'd like to take this opportunity to point out how horrible de-clawing your cat is!!! It just shouldn't be an option! Either have a cat, claws and all, or live without a cat! de-clawing is just like ripping your fingernails off! Go research it :/ Also, FYL OP, ouch!! :P

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RE: #52: I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that we don't care.

#59 actually, a number of people DO care, as they have pointed out the same thing as me in later comments :)

poor cat, f his life for living with cruel roommates also I'd open a can of Whoopass on them

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I don't think that's funny at all, especially since it resulted in you getting stitches.