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Today, after being dumped by my boyfriend of two years, I poured my heart out to my dad. He nodded and looked sympathetic throughout. Afterwards, I asked him what I should do. He replied, "How the hell should I know?" and awkwardly left my room. FML
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Move on. I know it's hard but every breakup is one step closer to "the one". Think about this in a positive way. I'll admit that was kinda've a bitch move on your dad but it's not suprising.


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Maybe since he's probably had some experience with relationships, considering he's OP's father, one would think he should know..

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That's sort of the nature of Dads. They don't really know.

See, the problem is that God gives men a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time.

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his disinterested face looked sympathetic? he needs to teach me his secrets

Vodka, chocolate and "friends" reruns. Bonus if you have all the seasons on DVD. makes everything better babe :). Trust me.

This. He's your dad. You go to friends and stuff like that for advice. You put him in an awkward spot and he responded accordingly. Not to be overly stereotypical/sexist here, but you'd probably be better off going to your mom or a female adult around you for relationship advice.

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Poured her heart out? Sounds gory..

23 that Robin Williams tidbit doesn't work here. The man is talking to his daughter. He doesn't need to use both right now.

23- so what you mean is he couldn't answer the question because he had an erection caused by his own daughter? Then proceeded to leave the room to go fap?

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Surprised everyone is so adult and no one has said "make him a sammich and get him a cold beer" congratulations everyone. Gold Stars all around... Now go make me a sammich

Well he's supposed to have some experience. Once you've experienced that sort of things before, you can at least try and give advice. I tried to, see my comment below.

This is way too much like the teddy bear that jumped off the window sill.

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@23 The problem with women is that god didn't give them a brain, but rather gave them a sense of entitlement and expectation that the entire world should run as the wish it to, including men.

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23; I respect that comment... Keep it up, and you might end up in my cool list...

EvilDave - that comment was, well, evil. And sexist. And stupid. DropTheDaggerxx - As a father (and someone who is very experienced and good with giving life advice), I'm offended by your comment. I hope that when my daughter is old enough to date that she will feel comfortable enough to come to me for advice. Not all men are cavemen idiots.

Move on. I know it's hard but every breakup is one step closer to "the one". Think about this in a positive way. I'll admit that was kinda've a bitch move on your dad but it's not suprising.

Dad - 'Cool story bro. please tell it again.'

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What if her dad is Gary Busey? that advice might come back to bite her in the ass literally

Exactly. Everytime you also get to know yourself better and to know what to look for in someone and what to avoid.

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it's not like her dad has experience in being dumped by his boyfriend so op's mom would have been a better source of advice

At least he tried to seem concerned, he probably didn't expect you to ask him that, just thot you needed someone to listen to you.

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Exactly! It probably took him years to realize women typically don't want to hear a solution when they're complaining, they just want sympathy - and now you're suddenly asking for a solution to a problem that can't be solved. Of course, your life still sucks for being dumped.

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Why would you even ask your dad for advice. -_-

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21- since I'm a girl and so is op, I'd much rather talk to my mom or a friend rather than my dad. that's kind of awkward.

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What if her mom isn't around?

4 and 42- Life situations are different, I would assume that her dad is one of the only people she can tell things to. I could be wrong about the situation, but w/e. Your comments show why most dads want a son. My sisters treat our dad with just as much, if not more, respect as our mom. Don't act like dads have no idea how to deal with emotions.

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If she wanted advice she shouldn't ask her parents, she should just ask her friends.

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I'm super close to my dad, why wouldent you? Your dad should be the male in your life that you can tell him anything,

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He's your dad , he has no idea what you just poured out to him means .

At least you got tell your feelings to him :x


he could only fake bein interested for so long....

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Let me guess, this is how he broke up with you. He blindfolded and you waited on your bed for a few minutes until you got impatient. You then took off the blindfolds and saw that he left a note with "it's over" written on it? What a dick!

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^ It's what I specialize at :) If it annoys you thumb it down and move on to the next one. It really is that simple. I just write whatever comes into my mind first and I won't be surprised if some people don't like it or think I'm annoying.

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Wow all this angst and hate!! It's like you 2 were blowing up soggy balloons where the hookers gather as kids and you just realized it today that they were actually condoms. Then to add icing to the cake you nursed a baby bird back to health only to see it ripped apart feather by feather by your own cat!!

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I ******* love you, enonymous! That was awesome. Keyman better watch out because I'm getting ready to steal you. I'm going to try to not make any past FML references, but I can't promise anything. It's like crack for me.

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