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By  Dreamsorrow93  |  24

Least when your crying, you will have one less person to tell?

  Insertnamesz  |  3

Why would he punch the boy? If he had a valid reason and it was my daughter, I'd most likely be glad that he wasn't going to waste her time and I'd think it was mature of him to inform me.

  Arwen_Evenstar  |  37

#27, call me crazy, but I'd be annoyed if a boyfriend was telling my family he was breaking up with me before telling me. To me telling the Dad first shows he's too immature to talk to the right person, the girlfriend.
Probably no great loss in the long run.

  AriettaX  |  15

at least he is thinking it through and probably trying to find a kind way to do it :) ive seen some basty breakups op, because the breaker was very rude about the approach

  Khaleesi_26  |  30

Oh I totally get that, I just think it's a little weird he went and told the father about his plans, because most fathers would get mad whether the boyfriend had a valid reason or not. Again, I'm saying MOST.

  tigerisabelle  |  31

Yeah, that honestly seems like he just wants to create trouble. Maybe he wanted the dad to think he was still a good guy, i.e. he says to OP's father "I'm breaking up with your daughter because she deserves more than me" or "I'm breaking up with your daughter because X" where X is a valid reason but maybe one OP doesn't agree with.
Obviously this is all speculation, but still, OP - if there was no valid reason you can think of for him needing to break up with you like you cheating on him - FYL.

  marcranger  |  28

I'm pretty sure 9's joking, but I know if I'd asked my ex's mother for permission to dump his sorry ass, I would not be alive today. Never mind that she was an entitled ice queen who always hated my guts for corrupting her precious baby boy.