By smiles22 - 27/11/2010 06:38 - United States

Today, I found out my boyfriend has a back-up girl if we break up. FML
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bahahaa1 0

ouchhhh, get a back up guy then(: justkiddinnnn


bahahaa1 0

ouchhhh, get a back up guy then(: justkiddinnnn

skyttlz 32

So does mine... Well he always jokes about it anyways.

sarinasusu 2

1- Exactly what I was thinking.!

Why are you so sure? Why is SHE so sure that SHE is not a backup girl?

Thunderbender 2

Every man has a back up girl. What do you think men get in a relationship and just turn off their natural instinct to hit on women? If you're boyfriend doesn't have a fallback girl then the just plain has another girlfriend.

A couple weeks ago, I found out I was the backup girl. FML.

arsh333 0

who doesn't have a back up girl? lol except if I was with this chick :)

Lancer_doosh 0

well maybe you should get a back up boy, to even it out, you see? that simple.

I like ur hair cici.. just sayin lol and can I add ya on myspace?

I think questions like that should be taken to private messaging instead...

sorry but im new to this and idk if u can private message on the fml app?

No problem. But I'm afraid the apps don't feature Private Messaging, no. Still, next time you're at a computer, visit the web-site version and chat away!

KittenLuvs1212 0

lol I'm so thinking the same thing. I think it's totally normal to have a back up, it's not like you stop paying attention to other ppl once ur in a relationship, you couldn't help it if you tried!

traze 7

He have a life boat incase the titanic sinks. That is all. Two and a half man.

looks like it's time for him to use the backup...

That's not so bad. Lots of guys have "back up girls" as you call it. It's when he has multiple back-ups that you should be worried.