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Today, I missed out on my first cooking lesson because I was an hour late. I cannot go to the rest of them because if you don't attend the first class then you are not allowed to attend the rest. I just spent $70 on a cooking course that I won't be able to attend. FML
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The response to this depends entirely on why you were late.

See if they can reschedule you for another class or at the very least complain loudly enough to get your money back.


See if they can reschedule you for another class or at the very least complain loudly enough to get your money back.

we don't know 100% that OP was at fault there could have been an accident or something

Even if it was OP's fault for being late, the money she paid was to fund the cost of educating her. If she is not being educated, there is no cost to educate her; and that money should be refunded.

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BUT the school did reserve a spot for OP, which was then not available to someone who would have paid and actually participated. So there is a lost opportunity cost for the school. Bottom line, OP didn't show up on time and collect on the goods and/or services they had paid for. Not the school's fault if someone shows up an hour late.

But not beingabletoattend the rest of the classes? That's a bit much. Life happens.

It's very possible that the first class was on safety procedures and terms to remember. It would be a problem to have a student who missed that portion try to jump right in.

The response to this depends entirely on why you were late.

To an extent, but she paid for a service, no matter the reason if they wont provide the service then they should refund the money.

Talk to them about either getting a refund or making up the class at another session. Usually, they are pretty flexible about things like that. (Just make sure you give a good enough reason for being late to that first class.)

He/She's just said that they can't attend the rest of the lessons once you've missed one.

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Even tho they can't attend the other classes, maybe they can attend it next year or semester or whenever they have the 'first' class again.

"Give a good enough reason..." if the ACTUAL reason isn't good enough, they don't deserve the money back.

Request another class, request to just do the second one given your reason, or request your money back. Paid with a credit card? Call the CC company to reverse it. That's what they do if you've received no service!

No, she was in a contract. To receive the goods OP had to be on time. OP wasn't, as the OP even said if you were late you don't get to take class. I can see the convo now "Hi credit card company. I was irresponsible and instead of doing the right thing and learning my lesson Im going to act like a brat."

As someone who works at a credit card company we would dispute this charge. We would refund the customers money and only give it back to the merchant if they gave a good enough reason not to (I.e. they were given multiple chances and didn't show for any of them)

Yes and no, 28. Contracts can work Both ways, especially if there was a legitimately good reason. I dont know why I was downvoted. She never stated there was a contract, it could have also just been guidelines to not hold others back and OP is making it sound worse than it is. We still dont know why she was late!

If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!! Or just don't be an hour late.

What if they had a flat tire trying to get to class or something else in that realm of possibility. Not like they could control something like that happening.

it takes less than 10 minutes to change a flat tire. Not an hour.

Depends on how rusty/tight the bolts are! Getting them off is the hardest part for me

To be honest, I've never been taught how to change a tire. I would have to call someone to come help me. Also, if it was a broken down car, that could take longer.

My mother once spent over an hour changing a tire, if someone is not experienced it can take a while.

If you had a reasonable excuse to be late, then you should have at least notified them ahead of time. They may also be willing to reschedule and at least go over what they covered before the second lesson. If you didn't... then maybe don't be late next time.

An hour late?!....Well if you had a legitimate excuse they should have givin you a break... if you were just late because of the person you ARE.... well then YDI.. lol

I assume you are an adult who can read the clock? Don't know what you're complaining about then. If there was a serious reason for being late (an accident, illness, etc) you probably have written proof that you couldn't be physically attending by a doctor or mechanic or whatever, in that case you should at least get your money back. Otherwise that's on you, really.

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See if they can honor it for a session at a later date. You shouldn't be jipped out of $70 because of one hour but if for some reason they can't or won't help you, at least you know for next time that this may not be the facility you want to invest in.

This is entirely your fault..this isn't a FML, this is just you being late to something