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By  Inferring  |  7

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^ think about it. #2's emoticon had "literally" everything to do with his comment.
It is a surprised "O" face... Meaning it is a chick with her mouth open. & that there ladies and gentlemen is how girls "make sperm too".

  Inferring  |  7

110- And you couldn't tell that my comment was a joke... Did you? Good job for assuming though, I applaud for everyones' pathetic assumptions on my intelligence because of one witty joke.

  BloodMonger13  |  9

so a girl sees a guy and asks what he is doing he replyed going to donate sperm so she asked how much he makes every time he does he replyed 300$ she then told him that she only makes 50 for donating blood the guy leaves and then returns the next day the guy sees the girl sitting there looking at the ceiling and the guy asked what she was doing there she kept stairing at the ceiling and giggled...

  EvilLilCupcake  |  10

122- welcome to the wonderful world of FML! home to grammar Nazis, people who lack the knowledge of how to use a keyboard, and shitty puns! Let me explain. The Shitty puns come first (example, #4's shitty pun) then the people who have have the IQ level of a toad, who misspell and make no sense, then the grammar Nazis swoop in and correct ever little error they can spot.
Now that you are caught up, enjoy the marvelous place that is FML!

  reddudeover  |  2

They could and STILL not appreciate op jacking around with their business. There's a bounds of reason as to how far someone can go and someone still have a sense of "humor" about it.

  mvems  |  13

Haha not really I don't where I implied that, but if you must! Settle down I'm joking around with you and my comment about op being an idiot. You seem very invested in your grammar nazism, so dont waste all of your precious time here! Go save the words!