By staciedee - 01/06/2010 09:49 - United States

Today, my boyfriend thought it would be cute to try and pick me up while kissing, instead he tripped and slammed the back of my head on the corner of the wall. FML
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beware of sex with him. could be dangerous

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it's the thought that counts you bitch :)


beware of sex with him. could be dangerous

haha agreed op don't be too harsh on him if it was an accident

Well at least he tried to be romantic. Give him credit.

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Reminds me too much of the burnt ass one not too long ago. Damn you flood protection.

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roflll, at least he tried..

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I feel bad for him! haha I bet he felt horrible.. I have done something like that and god I felt horrible..

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can fml please add a stop complaining button?? lol

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that sucks but at least he's trying!

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awww lol it's the thought that counts.

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Don't worry! op is use to as her mom drops her head on sidewalks daily

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Op if that's the worst thing that happens to you today then your doin pretty good. I'm sure your bf feels worse then you do.

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lol or have that damn weaklin go and wrk on his arms and his balance.

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Today, I tried to be romantic and pick up my overweigt girlfriend. Too bad I didn't know she'd eaten a double down from KFC today and thus I could not hold her and dropped her into the corner of the wall. FHL

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we don't know that she was fat, he couldve just gotten off balance while trying to kiss her and lift her, his eyes were prob closed which makes it harder

32: They already have one. It's on the Moderate page, next to the big green Yes button. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you have zero room to complain.

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everyone is thinking that but it would get 50000 ydi's very quickly

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awww! I love it when my bf does this to me, so romantic...well minus the tripping and banging my head on a wall haha

#3 if you are going to comment please don't just say hahaha

I doubt she could be fat. my ex tried being cute and tried giving me a piggyback ride. he actually stumbled backwards and ran my back into a doorframe. oh man it hurt for a week or so. hahaha. and I'm not even fat either, I only weigh 130. I'm sorry op. like someone else said, he probably feels bad that he caused you pain.

Why 1 said--it's also happened to me. oh well lol

80 - that's not even the same thing she's suggesting. I see enough FML's which make me think: "...really? Why is this even on here?" How about you? Yes? Well her suggestion was a "who cares" button for those FML's. Because you aren't the only one who decides if a FML is approved or not, and apparently enough shitty ones make it through anyway. And why were you trying to be so hardcore on the internet? Calm down?

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it's the thought that counts you bitch :)

How is she being a bitch? She didn't say she didn't appreciate the gesture. If she ended up needing stitches, would she still be considered a bitch?

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haha well at least he tryed :] not many boyfriends try to be cute

you mean, like the time when ashton kutcher carried brittney murphy in 'just married', and when he hit her head into the dam door?! like that?

Yeah being picked up while kissing doesn't work. Women don't have handles to be lifted by, even if they're short and light. Try kissing after being picked up, with one of his arms under your knees and the other under your back, that's better.

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