By WTF - Australia
Today, I found a folder on my boyfriend's computer called "Facebook". It turned out to be a collection of thousands of photos from his female friends' accounts. It was all sorted into folders like "Big Tits", "Blonde", "Cameltoe", "Feet", and "Jailbait". FML
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  slackerjoe  |  22

so true! first thing I thought of too.
OP. you should clone the folder, hide it and delete all of the pics in the other one but replace them with a bunch of your own... maybe some dyed blonde hair photos with a bunch of cleavage showing a camel toe? could be a great way to show your sense of adventure... and humor.

lol of coarse im probably offending somebody....

  jenninator93  |  18

Porn is literally not an issue at all. Like going to your favorite porn site or saving porn images or videos is fine and dandy.. but I think saving female Facebook friend's photos to jerk it to is kinda creepy. I'd be furious if I found something like that.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

You don't organize things? I organize everything into folders and sub folders. Depending how much I have will depend on the level of folders. I have some that are 5-6 deep. How else would you find anything if you didn't organize it?

By  ProximityToDeath  |  20

That seems troubling enough as it is but I think you should be concerned about the "jailbait" folder. He sounds kind of perverted to me. I'm sorry you wasted time on that dickwad. Good luck.

  cupcakebruh  |  21

While I agree that this entire situation is just all around terrible, I don't know why so many people are freaking out so much about the jailbait thing, it doesnt necessarily mean a really old person dating a really young person, it just means anyone over the age of 18 dating anyone under 18. One of my exes was 18 when we dated and I was 16, so everyone called me jailbait till we broke up, and then my current boyfriend is literally only 10 days older than me, when he turned 18 everyone called me jailbait for 10 days. So the guy could be 19-20 and have a thing for 16-17 year olds. That's really not that bad all things considered.

  relsayshi  |  16

Not in Oregon! There's some kind of loophole to allow relationships of teens to continue even when one turns 18 and the other is still a minor. Within a few years distance (I believe it's 2 years)

  ShalalaLynn  |  8

Ah yes. When I was a Senior I dated a Freshman. 17 and 14. I was legal (Texas=17) he was not, but his parents knew and therefore no issues. But I still was concerned so I looked it up and in the case of two minors dating if one becomes of Legal age during they are not doing anything wrong because they had an existing relationship. Also if a parent consents to the relationship,in most cases, it is okay. Maybe too much info but just sharing what I have learned from it.

  derangedplanet  |  23

the actual rule is 3 years difference. and it's true in quite a few states. but being from oregon myself. it's 3. and it's still a little disturbing that he is that interested. hopefully she doesn't have any sisters in the folder.

By  shablagoo22  |  11

Seems like he has a porn addiction. it is made worse by the fact that it isn't even random girls from the internet, it's girls he "knows" on facebook and can contact easily. I understand a little porn, but this is too much and almost always hurts the partner. People go to counseling for this type of thing

  Coldinside  |  12

Why wouldn't you organize it? If everything is categorized you can find whatever fetish/scenario you are currently in the mood for. Some people like having multiple windows open with different pics so they can keep a theme going while their playing with themselves.