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Today, I was hit by a car. My sister ran to see if her phone I was carrying in my purse was okay. She screamed at me while I lay in the street because I was so dumb, and that I couldn't even watch for cars. Her screen was cracked. I had to call 911 for myself. FML
hockey9797 tells us more :
yeah i broke both my arm and leg on my right side and a few ribs it's not fake
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Yes, #37 I get what sarcasm is, I am a teenager ftlog. But #1's comment suggested there was something moderatley funny about this whole situation. And I laugh at most things, but there's nothing the slightest bit funny about this. That is just horrible.

  americayay  |  0

Sarcasm or no, I kind of agree 1. If the OP was badly hurt, she would've mentioned it, as it would've made the story better. Odds are, she was fine and just wants to get a story on FML.

On the off chance I'm wrong, OP. Sorry your sister sucks so much and I hope you're okay.


Read comment 20, americayay. The OP has actually commented to tell us that she has quite a few broken bones, so she is far from fine.

And what's wrong with wanting to get FMLs on this site? There are at most 15-20 submitted throughout the course of a day. We could do with some more.

  RacerrRex  |  0

If that were true, and the op actually did have broken bones, would she have been able to go on computer and type this whole thing up? and reply to comments?


  famo5  |  5

uh, yes she would. there's something called a laptop. You can still type if you've broken a bone unless it's your hand. but he's typed it so obviously it wasn't her hand. i remember, once when i muntified my wrist i ended up typing by using a pen and poking the keyboard. :)

  americayay  |  0

Lol. Okay. I hadn't read that. Which is why I included the last part. And I'm not knocking getting a story on the site, just altering it as I'm sure many do.

OP. Sorry you're hurt. Kill your sister.

  Unanswered  |  0

Being in shock because your brother got hit by a car normally doesn't entail opening his purse to look for your phone, then checking it to see if it still works and then to top it off scream at your injured brother for breaking your phone.

By  skullbuster  |  0

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  GelatinFemur  |  0

I don't know, I kinda agree with 4. Well, kind of. I mean, the sister's a bitch, I definitely know that, but at the same time, cars don't just drop out of the sky and come out of nowhere. This is why it pays to be cautious and actually look both ways before you cross the street. When I drive, I see so many people not bothering to look. There are horrible drivers out there that a person has to watch out for. Pedestrians may have the right of way, but how right are you when you've been struck by an idiot driving a 3000-pound death machine comes your way?

Yeah, dead right.

Still, I would hit your sister with my car.

  NSZ  |  0

Um, what world do you live in? Cars DO just come out of nowhere and hit you. I've seen it with my own two eyes and it has been reported world wide so don't even try to deny it :) And you said that when you drive you see other people not even bothering to look. People aren't the street, hun. So by looking at them, YOU aren't looking. Alot of innocent people get injured and die in car crahses, but that doesn't mean that they weren't looking.

  MarkO_fml  |  0

"Um, what world do you live in? Cars DO just come out of nowhere and hit you."

Um, no. I'll guarantee you that cars have never "come out of nowhere". I swear. I've never seen so many morons get worked up about someone else's sense of humor.

#36 - you're an idiot. You have to be the only one who didn't see the sarcasm. Believe me when I say it's pretty obvious that you're a teenager. You say that like that makes you immune to stupidity. Ignorance is at it's peak in a teenager.

  enuff_crying  |  0

MarkO its pretty fun that you talk about #36 not getting the sarcasm and being ignorant when you missed the sarcasm when the comment above yours said that cars do come out of nowhere. talk about ignorance

  GelatinFemur  |  0

86, you misunderstood. I mean I don't see pedestrians looking both ways, not drivers. They just walk out onto the street. Like hell I'd be looking at other drivers and be like LOL OH WAIT WHO'S DRIVING? But I can understand how that inference might have been made. It's not what I intended. I already know drivers are not very aware of pedestrian sometimes by being a pedestrian myself.

I was saying pedestrians have to be REALLY CAREFUL when they walk. I ride my bike around too and I am extremely conscious of the fact that if a car doesn't see me, the pedestrian "right-of-way" isn't going to save my life when it hits me. Sure, the car is at fault, but your leg is still broken. Better safe than sorry.

  thesmartaleck  |  0

I'm pretty sure not everyone loves the sister. I for one hate her. Let's just put it this way. She'd (the sister) rather have her sister (the OP) hit by a car than have her phone screen broken.

Yeah, everyone would love the sister.

  plexico  |  3

WTF? What is LOOOL? Laughing out out out loud?

My little funny was that my view of the OP depended on what phone she used.

If the sister's phone is an iPhone, please send me the number so I can help her test it.