By Anthony - 16/08/2010 01:40 - United States

Today, I broke up with my girlfriend due to the fact that she's been cheating on me with my best friend for the past year. She said I was overreacting, and to grow a pair. FML
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macgruberiscool 0

tell her to stop being a b**ch and kick your "best friend" 's ass


macgruberiscool 0

tell her to stop being a b**ch and kick your "best friend" 's ass

C6Racer 0

yea, she's just pissed you were the one to break up with her. typical girl reaction

hellokittywhore 0

so you beep out bitch but yet type out ass? why is that? is it a less offencive word? hmmm >_€ * I like that facee*

RainbowxxVeinsx 17

lol. I always accidentally type that face on my iPod too. ^___^

Typical girl's reaction? What, every girl tells her bf to grow a pair when he tries to break up with her? : Disagree.

#43 Not every girl is a bitch and reacts that way.

wow what a bitch! wtf thats messed up

Yeh op quit bein such a lil bitch. Shit happens grow up

Bcaw 0

if u grow a pair... I'll give you a cookie

dave04045 1

11s picture is amazing. Anyway, FYL. She's a selfish bitchy ***** and he's just a queer.

15 why don't you just shoot him instead??

I have no idea how that comment even got there because I put it in a whole different FML so sorry

Would you be saying that if it were a story about a guy cheating on his girlfriend? Get the **** outta here.

She's obviously the one with issues, not you! Don't listen to her. She seems to have some maturing to do.

i dont have the heart to cheat not that i want to(:

FFML_314 11

You're right about the "not having a heart" part.

lol the only thing ive EVER killed would probably be a fly or a spider, and FFML if u have beef with me i just thought u would like to know that im a veghead and unlike u im dissrespectful(:

FFML, what's your name again? I'm thinking Anna?..

FFML_314 11

I have never shared any kind of beef with anyone. I don't particularly care for beef all that much. However, I appreciate your honesty when you say "unlike u im dissrespectful." There are not many people in this world, that will come out and admit their flaws. I applaud you. Sean, my name is Al.

FFML_314 11

Kurli, she's a n00b. She won't understand that what she said was an insult to herself.

shasta32 0

just like in that movie Wanted.... now it's your turn to get even just like he did..,

Tony Stark giving advice on FML? It's a dream come true!

mistired 0

2 2 3 i tear a nigga limb off !