By Anthony - 16/08/2010 01:40 - United States

Today, I broke up with my girlfriend due to the fact that she's been cheating on me with my best friend for the past year. She said I was overreacting, and to grow a pair. FML
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tell her to stop being a b**ch and kick your "best friend" 's ass


tell her to stop being a b**ch and kick your "best friend" 's ass

yea, she's just pissed you were the one to break up with her. typical girl reaction

so you beep out bitch but yet type out ass? why is that? is it a less offencive word? hmmm >_€ * I like that facee*

lol. I always accidentally type that face on my iPod too. ^___^

Typical girl's reaction? What, every girl tells her bf to grow a pair when he tries to break up with her? : Disagree.

#43 Not every girl is a bitch and reacts that way.

wow what a bitch! wtf thats messed up

what a bitchhhhh!

Yeh op quit bein such a lil bitch. Shit happens grow up

if u grow a pair... I'll give you a cookie

11s picture is amazing. Anyway, FYL. She's a selfish bitchy whore and he's just a queer.

15 why don't you just shoot him instead??

I have no idea how that comment even got there because I put it in a whole different FML so sorry

Would you be saying that if it were a story about a guy cheating on his girlfriend? Get the fuck outta here.

She's obviously the one with issues, not you! Don't listen to her. She seems to have some maturing to do.

#16 why would you like her!?! o.o

i dont have the heart to cheat not that i want to(:

You're right about the "not having a heart" part.

lol the only thing ive EVER killed would probably be a fly or a spider, and FFML if u have beef with me i just thought u would like to know that im a veghead and unlike u im dissrespectful(:

FFML, what's your name again? I'm thinking Anna?..

I have never shared any kind of beef with anyone. I don't particularly care for beef all that much. However, I appreciate your honesty when you say "unlike u im dissrespectful." There are not many people in this world, that will come out and admit their flaws. I applaud you. Sean, my name is Al.

Well they both start with "A", eh?

Kurli, she's a n00b. She won't understand that what she said was an insult to herself.

Kurli what's up with your hair?

just like in that movie Wanted.... now it's your turn to get even just like he did..,

Tony Stark giving advice on FML? It's a dream come true!

2 2 3 i tear a nigga limb off !