By Anonymous - 12/08/2013 23:58 - United States

Today, I forgot my key inside my apartment. My boyfriend suggested we ask a neighbor to open it. I explained we don't all have the same key, to which he responded, "Well how come they all have the same doorknobs?" FML
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Well op it looks like you are also dating a doorknob

Ask him why the key to his car doesn't open others cars that are the same as his.


Well op it looks like you are also dating a doorknob

What is the US turning into??!

20: Whoa, whoa, whoa. America has been overtaken by Mexico in being the fattest country in the world. Just sayin. Haha

No need to be stereotypical. Just because there are those kind of people here doesn't mean they all are There are people like that everywhere, no need to be so rude

20, that was PERFECT.

Mexico did not overtake Americ! Through I agree it's the second fattest country. (I'm from Mexico)

Fairly certain Australia is the second fatest per capita.

I don't know about that. Aussies do love playing sport.

Some people, eh?

Australia is fourth fattest, behind #1 Mexico #2 US #3 NZ.

Eh Australia has their fair share of fat and skinny people. Like most of the richer countries. Then you have the poorer countries like China, India, Africa etc. which have way more people and less paying jobs etc.

Ya never know lol

Never know what? And who is this lol you speak of?

League Of Llamas?

Layer of Lilies?

He is a keeper

keeper of a simple mind. sorry.

*face smack* I think you deserve better, or I hope he's kidding.

So you'd leave him just because he's not too smart? Okay then...

There's a difference between not being smart and having general common sense.

Common sense is not so common..

Oh my... Sorry OP seems like your boyfriend is a dimwit. I'd talk carefully when explaining how the insides of doorknobs are all different..

Sound reasoning.

Ask him why the key to his car doesn't open others cars that are the same as his.

Actually, some older car model keys CAN open other cars of the same make and model. I recall a news story from a few years back when a man accidentally stole someone's car like that. Also, perhaps OP's boyfriend had been watching too much My Name Is Earl and figured your landlord bought his/her locks on wholesale as well :P

#7 Duh, because they all hang different things from their rear view mirror. Obviously. :)

Imagine if all the keys did work on the same doors...

Then there wouldn't be any keys...

I would steal all my neighbor's Nutella...*cackles maniacally*

I hear his dad just finished putting glasses of it everywhere.

wow... im lost for words

No you're not! You just commented on this FML :P. gotta love irony

Good to know... *rolls eyes*