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Today, my superior gave me a box of ethernet cables which were previously attached to mainframes storing classified data. He requested I cut them in half so that the residual data would leak out. Not only does this guy make twice my salary, there was no convincing him otherwise. We cut them up. FML
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First thing first: I'm a girl. I have an engineering degree from one of the top universities in my field, and hold all the necessary certifications and then some. I do have a military background, but I am not in the military any longer, and I now have a full-time job at one of the top IT firms in the country. I'm a consultant, meaning I contract out to our company's clients. The "superior" in question was a higher up on the client side which is why he makes so much more than I do. He's been there at least 10 years. I'm on year 2 with my company. As anyone who's been a contractor will tell you, you can only explain to a client that they are being insane for so long until you do what they ask because they are paying the bills and "the customer is always right" *sigh* I obviously can not tell you which client it was. I'm really enjoying the witty responses, and even the not so witty ones (I did use the proper form of "there," you imbecile.)

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Maybe he had a blood nose once and his intelligence leaked out

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Are tinfoil hats part of your work uniform?


Stupid people are stupid. I wish you the best OP.

It's always the higher ups that seem to make the most and have no real reason to.

Not sure who the stupid one is here. OP works close to classified information and he posts here.

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My old Algebra teacher once said, "it's always the wrong people making money"

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I sure hope you took some photos or a video of you doing the cutting... Putting it online with a descriptive title could wreck your superior's reputation.

#41, Why is that a problem? OP didn't post any information about his/her work.

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#41, not sure who the stupid one is here, you don't even know if OP is he or she...

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Why on earth would your bids ask you that? I thought classified data was not supposed to leak :) lol :D :P

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Stupid people...... Stupid people everywhere

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Thanks for the clarification :)

Maybe he had a blood nose once and his intelligence leaked out

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you had to use those words "intelligence, leak and NSA" now this entire thread is tracked...

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Are tinfoil hats part of your work uniform?

This would be so much funnier if he worked for the NSA.

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#47, no... That wouldn't make it more funny...

Tell him to bleach his hands since he touched them. Safety first!

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Clearly someone has a few loose cables up there

Jesus, takes paranoia and stupidity to a whole new level doesn't it?

I don't think Jesus has anything to do with this, sorry!

What if Jesus did have something to do with it... and you just dimissed his presence like that. You will be sorry.

Now I'm sincerely hoping someone involved was a Hispanic male named Jesus, just do Jesus definitely had something to do with this.

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Come guys, don't bring religion in to this.

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I can't stop laughing at this!

This is where a comma makes all the difference.

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What if the scissors have data on them?!?! Better burn them

But then the fumes go into the atmosphere and it becomes a free for all! Mustn't do that.

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How does that man make double of what you make? >.>

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Maybe OP is an intern? We always put the idiots in charge of the interns so we don't have to work with either group.

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45 if OP was an intern then that means he'd make 0 so double that would be 0 for that guy above him. 46 how would you know if OP doesn't have a degree or is working on one? I don't if his job deals with classified information that he wouldn't have some kind of education background higher than high school.

Though I wondering about the superior's education.

There is such thing as paid interns, you know.

He could be in the military. Lower enlisted make very little money.

It's harsh having a dumb ass for a superior. Wish you better luck in the future!!

Reminds me of the company that destroyed millions of dollars worth of equipment to get rid of malware. Keyboards, mice, printers. To get rid of malware. They destroyed the mice. Morons.

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Some rootkits can attack the motherboard BIOS, and some viruses can find their way into routers. That's all I know

Look up the Economic Development Administration and you'll see the extent of the idiocy. Uninfected systems, plus monitors keyboards, cameras and mice, all destroyed because 'zomg teh malware! We'z under attack from a nation state!' (And no they weren't, it was regular stupid people malware)

Mice are know to carry viruses....nasty little creatures! Ba-dum-tiss! ;)

Jeez, tough crowd....everybody should be able to chuckle at a little grade school humor every once in a while.

I thought you were funny, and I even got it on the first read. ..