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Today, I went back to the key cutter for the second time because apartment key I gave to my boyfriend didn't work. The man cut me another key and apologised profusely. When I got home and tried the key, it didn't work. I realised I'd asked him to copy the wrong key. Twice. FML
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  CorpLaw77  |  3

I'm a locksmith and I can tell you straight up that bump keys are a joke.. it takes so much time and practice to even attempt to use them and they only work like 2% of the time. the people with videos online have the locks modified to make it look super easy

  fthku  |  13

*Must of. Your starting to slip, pendatik, that's to unlike you.
You can't afford to make mistake's.

You're probably right, Pendatik, but it doesn't really matter.

  Djzom13  |  0

I wood just like two think you guys four making me laff. And OP is stupid, correct; however, I think that your error may have made your comment invalid. Sorry to disappoint you.

  Djzom13  |  0

No, 97 you just don't know when someone is telling a joke. Obviously we all aren't that stupid as to typing like that. Learn to laugh, then you can open your mouth.