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Today, I went back to the key cutter for the second time because apartment key I gave to my boyfriend didn't work. The man cut me another key and apologised profusely. When I got home and tried the key, it didn't work. I realised I'd asked him to copy the wrong key. Twice. FML
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Poor man. You made him feel sorry for nothing.

It was the "!!!" and "LOL" that killed it for me.


does anyone know where to buy a bump key?

tpreston 0

a what?

You don't buy them, you make them

Go to YouTube and type in " how to make a bump key"

simply_improper 1

dont you jus shave it down?

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Just break in I mean it is your place too lol

imacreeper 3

maybe this is a sign from God that your boyfrien should not have your house key. maybe you will find him in bed with another woman.

and he will have to sleep on the couch! bitches!!

I'm a locksmith and I can tell you straight up that bump keys are a joke.. it takes so much time and practice to even attempt to use them and they only work like 2% of the time. the people with videos online have the locks modified to make it look super easy

at least op didn't make the same mistake twi- oh wait..

ummmm im lost 0.o

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i lost the game. dam u.

cryssycakesx3 22

wouldn't it be three times?

Sounds like a sticKEY situation!!!! LOL

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ur a failure

no need to be mean now. at least he tried

It was the "!!!" and "LOL" that killed it for me.

agreed. I hate over use of exclamations points. and Capitol lol's!!!! LOL

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I know right its so annoying!!! LOL.

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your failed attempt at a joke makes me want to jump out of a window on a 50th floor apartment.

*crickets chirp as tumbleweed goes by*..... -_-

Poor man. You made him feel sorry for nothing.

March up and apologize to the poor man.

omfg u noob. lol jks, FYL.

says the one with the stupid and uneducated picture

didijustdie 0

nah, he spelled "stupid and uneducated" right.

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lol i was about to say the same thing to him

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his picture is from the best movie of all time. you're stupid and uneducated of you can't embrace Jim Carrey's genius.

then, how many times have you copied the other key because it didn't fit in your car door?

that make no sense consider it is a get for their APARTMENT door.

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Your so stupid. Check the key before you go retard.

catrav77 0

Well that was an unnecessary comment...

fthku 13

What our you talking about, Pendatik? they're is know irony in there comments.

Hits okay, wheel fore give u.

fthku 13

*Must of. Your starting to slip, pendatik, that's to unlike you. You can't afford to make mistake's. You're probably right, Pendatik, but it doesn't really matter.

I wood just like two think you guys four making me laff. And OP is stupid, correct; however, I think that your error may have made your comment invalid. Sorry to disappoint you.

KiddNYC1O 20

You guise are retardant.

Did you just shove a kitten up your ass ?

No, 97 you just don't know when someone is telling a joke. Obviously we all aren't that stupid as to typing like that. Learn to laugh, then you can open your mouth.

100 you confuse me I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not

KiddNYC1O 20

#100- Slow down buddy, I was obviously playing along. If that was sarcasm, as #104 indicated, it needs work...

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thanks for arguing on my comment:)

I thoroughly appreciated this thread. And Kidd, I think 100 meant 98, not 97. ;)

109 sorry about that, I was reading fast and didn't notice the intentional mistype.

Have you ever seen a dead mouse rape a mosquito ? I have.

wrong form of no...who let u out of the padded room in the crazy house

Ate the ******* walls off.

YDI for shoving the wrong key in your lock.