By bummed - United States
Today, I finished up a week of this new "Liquid Foods" diet I learned about from a friend. After a week of denying myself of my favorite foods and eating only non-fat yoghurt and smoothies, I have not only gained 2 pounds, but have diarrhea. Just in time for my anniversary. FML
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By  Impromptu_fml  |  0

You should know better than to try fad diets. Most liquid foods are high fat anyway, so it's no wonder you gained weight.

As for your diarrhea, what did you expect from not eating any solids?

By  Impromptu_fml  |  0

You should know better than to try fad diets. Most liquid foods are high fat anyway, so it's no wonder you gained weight.

As for your diarrhea, what did you expect from not eating any solids?

By  SnazzAttack  |  0

YDI for being completely retarded and not doing sensible research or actually getting off your fat lazy ass and working out. Seriously, a smoothie? Why would you ever think that'd be a good idea? The sugar from the fruit completely out weights the health factor.

  lulu69_fml  |  0

Well the sugar from fruits aren't bad, you do need the sugar. The problem is when you add more sugar and when you don't workout to get rid of all those sugars. And the chocolate shotgun... its because you aren't getting fiber in your diet, try eating apples and corn

By  CharleneW  |  0

YDI for not researching the proper way to do this.
And I'm pretty sure it's not meant for weight loss.. it's meant to flush your system. If you had done it properly you would feel refreshed and energized and not like a bag of crap.
Whatever happened to just eating healthy and exercising to lose weight?

By  Leporidae  |  0

WHEN will people learn that a balenced diet is best and stop stupid diets like these? Did the friend even try it before giving such fabulous advice.. Sheesh.

  MonkeySpeaks  |  4


Yoghurt is great for you. But not as your only source of intake.

I have no problem with cleanses. I don't know how much a cleanse really does for someone, but I don't see it as being harmful. That being said. Cleanses should only last 24 hours.

I see no other reason to force yourself to eat the way you did. Let's hypothetically say you DID lose weight off thos quick fix. Let's even hypothetically say you lost 15 lbs! Go you! Unfortunately, before you could even purchase new clothing to fit this fab new body, you'd have gained it all back. You robbed your body of essential nutrients and as soon as it can find some it will not only latch on, but store it in the fear that it will not receive more within a reasonable amount of time. (This is why your metabolism slows when you don't eat... your body goes into emergency mode, even if you don't realize it...).

It is also impossible to "kill" fat cells short of surgery. You can shrink them, but you'll never officially LOSE them. That is why the ONLY diet is not a diet but a life-style change. Change the way you eat. Eat less, move more. It's a REALLY simple equation. Reduce portion sizes, eat more frequently, be conscious of what you eat, and get your ass outside and move it. If you need HELP doing this, Weight Watchers is fantastic and the ONLY diet that will work long term because the core of it is the essentials of proper nutrition and exercise.

  CharleneW  |  0

My friend did a ten day long "cleanse", only after she talked to her doctor, nutritionist etc.
But what it consisted of was her drinking only water, certain teas and (home)juiced fruits and veggies with supplements add to them. (Stuff like protein powder etc.)
She updated her facebook notes everyday and at the end she said it was one of the best things she ever did and that she felt very refreshed. She definitely did NOT do it to lose weight, as she realised any weight she lost would be temporary. It was more so because she had been feeling pretty run down lately and just wanted to see if it actually would help.
She was smart enough, though, unlike the OP to realize that you need to do your research first and not just consume yogourt and smoothies.

By  Mustardnight  |  3

Dolt, just eat healthy and exercise! You have diharrea due to all te bacteria you have ingested. Thats obvious. Goddamnit those diets annoy me. Its so obvious that theyre flawed and dont. work

By  mylifeiscrazi  |  1

Want to be skinny then just eat tuna (plain) and salads with no fat dressing. Drink water only and chew gum for a snack. Coffee black, unsweetened teas. You don't have to thank me.

By  MasterYoda_fml  |  0

Did you measure yourself beforehand? If you were exercising also, fat may have changed to muscle. Muscle weighs more, so you may have added weight but lost inches...just throwing it out there.