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Bad women's anatomy

  Today, I had to explain to my boyfriend that me switching to "super" sized tampons does not mean I've been having sex with other men with bigger penises, and that my vagina hasn't been "stretched bigger". FML
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  Supersonic54  |  18

I'll be honest, kinda wish you said "burn heal" instead of alow, #5.

  HighasaCloud  |  46

Nowhere does it indicate OP's boyfriend is small. What good could that possibly serve if he isn't? If he's an ordinary man with an ordinary cock, he's only going to think OP is stupid for asking such a ridiculous question.

How about you think before you comment next time?

  cmchappy  |  25

25s picture matches his comment

  doodlecloud  |  26

Eh, practice is good but I've been wearing a bra for like 10 years and yesterday it still took me 2 mins to get one off. It's normally fine but sometimes they just do NOT want to be removed. I feel bad for guys who don't get that much practice and have to take them off another person, which I think is even harder.

  AlyssaDiannaa  |  20

I've had my boyfriend get tampons for me because I desperately needed them and ran out. I'm also extremely open with my boyfriend. OP probably is open with her boyfriend too and maybe asked him to run to the store.

  fakedsincerity  |  32

You're right, it'd be awful for the person you love to find out you menstruate *gasp* and heaven forbid he could do stuff like pick you up pads or tampons when you might need them.

Careful he might find out girls poop soon!