Bad women's anatomy

By Anonymous - 03/05/2015 05:37 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I had to explain to my boyfriend that me switching to "super" sized tampons does not mean I've been having sex with other men with bigger penises, and that my vagina hasn't been "stretched bigger". FML
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Oh, tampons... The ultimate mystery for men.

Ask him what his excuse for using extra small condoms is.


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What? No it doesn't! It just means she has a heavier flow.

You must be a joy to be around

You don't spend a lot of time around women, do you?

I mean, to defend a guy here he might have never been taught, then again I didn't know that.

I think you'll be single forever... fyl

Ask him what his excuse for using extra small condoms is.

He's gonna need some aloe for that burn

I'll be honest, kinda wish you said "burn heal" instead of alow, #5.

I'll be honest, I kinda wish you didn't say anything #25.

Nowhere does it indicate OP's boyfriend is small. What good could that possibly serve if he isn't? If he's an ordinary man with an ordinary cock, he's only going to think OP is stupid for asking such a ridiculous question. How about you think before you comment next time?

cmchappy 25

25s picture matches his comment

#57 it's called a joke, don't take offense just because you have to use those extra small condoms too

once again #57, woosh

Please apply warm running water to burned area.

Apply cold water to burned area.

Obviously because he has tons of sex with really tight women. Duh.

Oh, tampons... The ultimate mystery for men.

That, and how to unhook a bra.

Those things unhook? I thought you had to cut them off. U have been doing it wrong for so many years.

years of Academy training, wasted!!

Just saying guys with any practice at all its super easy.

Just the thought makes me want to puke, I'd rather NEVER have learned what it was

#95, I'm pretty sure #78 was referring to tampons not bras.

Eh, practice is good but I've been wearing a bra for like 10 years and yesterday it still took me 2 mins to get one off. It's normally fine but sometimes they just do NOT want to be removed. I feel bad for guys who don't get that much practice and have to take them off another person, which I think is even harder.

Glad to know basic female anatomy and function makes you want to puke, #78 lol

girls are gross 112 :p

Hahaha. Thats the truth!

And did he get it?

#4, unfortunately he'll probably NEVER get it. lol

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... Because if you're comfortable in the relationship you tend to be able to talk about anything and everything.

Maybe she needed to go to the store for some and he asked why, noticing she already had a full box of regulars.

Or he saw them in the bathroom cabinet?

I've had my boyfriend get tampons for me because I desperately needed them and ran out. I'm also extremely open with my boyfriend. OP probably is open with her boyfriend too and maybe asked him to run to the store.

You're right, it'd be awful for the person you love to find out you menstruate *gasp* and heaven forbid he could do stuff like pick you up pads or tampons when you might need them. Careful he might find out girls poop soon!

I feel bad for ypu, but at the same time this cracked me up. FYL OP.

I'm sure he doesn't study up on female anatomy in his spare time so it's not super surprising he (and surely plenty of other guys) would think something like that

Ignorance is one thing. Jumping to conclusions and assuming your girlfriend must be cheating because of something you have no knowledge on is another.

I do not agree with that. If you're curious, you ask. If the guy instantly assumes something that serious he's got self esteem issues, on top of being a total idiot.

Your boyfriend ls a moron

Men and their theory of vagina size is laughable! They need to bust those myths in school or something - the number of men who think 'more sex = wider vagina' is too damn high!

Seriously!! It's so silly.

what you think of tight and loose vaginas?

And how more sex makes your labia bigger. Like...seriously? How does that make sense?

Imagine his accusations if it was "Super plus"?

Hey now, don't jump to accusing OP of sleeping with black men.

Or the newer ultra ones. Those things are beasts.