Bridezilla strikes again

By Anonymous - 29/04/2021 10:58

Today, I told my sister I felt like her friends didn't like me, since they were ignoring my questions, opinions, etc., in the bridesmaids' chat, but were all over each other's messages. She kicked me from her bridal party, saying her friends wouldn't want me at the bridal shower and bachelorette party. FML
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Lydmyers 9

wow.. sister or not, I would have ******* disowned her, if I were you. and don't go to the wedding. you are way above that.

That's when you kick her out of your life and boycott the wedding. I'm so sorry your sister's priorities are so skewed.


Lydmyers 9

wow.. sister or not, I would have ******* disowned her, if I were you. and don't go to the wedding. you are way above that.

Make a speech at the wedding telling how her friends ruined your family.

That's when you kick her out of your life and boycott the wedding. I'm so sorry your sister's priorities are so skewed.

Bridezilla season is coming. I wouldn't go to her wedding tell her MAYBE next time

This is your sister’s wedding - Not yours. She gets to make the plans and arrangements, not you. While it would be nice if sister were interested in your inputs and questions, it not really your day is it? Some day you may be planning your wedding or whatever - Then you will likely be more interested in input from your fiancé and your friends…

Yummi_913 18

It's not about her inputs going unacknowledged. It's about the blatant and rude disrespect she was being treated with by her sisters friends. To top it off she brought it up to her sister and instead of her giving a rats ass about how she was being treated, her sister then kicked her to the curb to please her asshole friends. You can say no to someone's suggestions without being a literal piece of shit and treating others like trash. Weddings are not an exception. Learn to be a halfway decent person. It's not that hard.

Ambrily 27

I'm sorry, but... Did you even read the FML?

KaylaJo334 12

Naw, sister is trash and so is your comment

I read the FML and I also reasoned though the most likely reasons that sister would have apparently behaved so “rudely” to OP. The real problem is between sister and OP. The most likely explanation is that OP was getting caught up in the excitement of her sister’s wedding and plans to a degree where she was becoming pushy. That would explain the scenario. I am a guy, not a gal. But one thing I know is that many little girls grow up planning in their minds the one big social event that they are going to be “queen” of - Their (first) wedding. The parents of the bride (mostly the mom) get a say in the events and planning because most often they are paying for much of the event (she who pays the piper calls the tune). But sisters and brothers do not get to plan the wedding - They are usually there purely for “decoration” and to show unity in the family. I am not saying that “Bridezilla” behavior is nice or should be emulated. I am just saying that there are certain days and events in our personal calendars in which one person is the center of attention. If others, no matter how well intended, try to “steal the show” they will be disrespected as a natural reaction. The best you can do in this case is to remember who’s day it is and either take part of it, or stay out of it, or just do the minimum asked of you. The “fever” will pass and even a “Bridezilla” will eventually return to normal.

randomnobody0622 6
pink unicorn 7

wow! savage! how can you put your friends before your family?! of course they get along better, they all know each other and are friends! but thats not a reason to kick you out of everything. i would tell her how Hurt i am and explain that as you are not welcome to the fun stuff (that is an important part of the wedding itself) I will not come to the Wedding neither. i would add that she is so important for you that you would have never done that and i hope she will understand how far she s gone.

Yummi_913 18

I agree about not going to the wedding but DONT talk to your sister like this. It's immature, manipulative, and somewhat toxic. You can tell her you're not interested in the wedding because of how badly you were treated by her and her friends without going all "woe is me" "I love you so now you need to feel guilty and give me what I want" and "I'll only go if I'm a part of the important stuff". At the end of the day the bigger deal is how you were treated like trash by someone who's supposed to give a damn; not that you're no longer a part of some snooty wedding party. She can be held accountable without playing mind games.

OP has a right to speak up for herself and call out her sister's disrespectful behaviour. It's not "mind games" to tell it like it is.

I would love to know what the parents think of the sister

I will put my close friends ahead of my family every single day of the week. One group of the two has always looked out for me. It's not my family.

Squeezy Jibs 2

don't go to her wedding. don't invite her to yours. it's obvious she's not worth your time.

bleachedraven 14

Sincerely sorry this happened. Maybe there is more to the story, things didnt go as smoothly as planned. Weddings and other family events are a time to be grateful for the help & input.